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With such a diverse and seasoned musical background, experience how G Pinto captivates audiences with his unique and energetic STAGE shows.

Accompanied by his live band and with appearances by special guests, be prepared to be taken on a musical journey!

An exciting, absorbing blend of the traditional, the popular, and the brand new.

His wonderful talent, extensive repertoire of music, charismatic personality, passion, and love for entertaining make it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all.


G Pinto Promo Video

G Pinto Promo Video

G Pinto - Sweet Arabian Fantasy (Live)

Sweet Arabian Fantasy (Live)

G Pinto - Lost In The Shadow (Live)

Lost In The Shadow (Live)

G Pinto - Flamenco Nights (Live)

Flamenco Nights (Live)

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Live)

Billie Jean (Live)

G Pinto - A Star Shining Brightly

A Star Shining Brightly

G Pinto - Sweet Arabian Fantasy (Live in Greece)

Sweet Arabian Fantasy (Live in Greece)

G Pinto - Flamenco Nights (Live in Greece)

Flamenco Nights (Live in Greece)

G Pinto - Promo Video 2

Promo Video 2

G Pinto - Allegretto


G Pinto - Tropical Waves

Tropical Waves

G Pinto - Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk