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ENTRY NUMBER: 483 | 26/09/2019, 5:09 pm

Hi Grenville:
Thank you so much for the entertainment you provided at my son's wedding Saturday night at the Hare Winery. You were superb! Everyone commented positively about your performance and there were several musicians in the audience. I can't wait for your concert on Nov. 23 in Hamilton. Me and several friends will be in attendance.
Thanks for making my son's wedding so memorable with your amazing talent. I will never forget it!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 482 | 18/09/2019, 10:31 am

Hi Pinto, hope you are well.
On the 13th you played at one of our friend's son's reception at the Dr.s house. They were
at our son's reception, heard raving feedback from the guests from non Canadians. you are just awesome.
Congratulations and wishing you the very best.
Keep well.


ENTRY NUMBER: 481 | 17/09/2019, 11:46 am

Hi Grenville,
Hope all is well. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful performance last Friday at the Doctor’s house.
Every single person at the venue enjoyed it from babies to grandmas!
Keep up the great work!
Take care,
Best Regards, -


ENTRY NUMBER: 480 | 27/08/2019, 11:55 pm

Hey hey Grenville:
Thank you for ROCKING our wedding Siree. As expected, you were (and still remain) the talk of the town. Of course, Semone and I are not surprised as we KNOW you always bring the goods, and then some.
Cheers and hats off to you Buddy. Stay safe. All the best. Nuff respect.


ENTRY NUMBER: 479 | 27/08/2019, 1:26 pm

Hi Grenville!!
Thank you we are all very happy. Wedding was wonderful. Still hearing from guests near and far. We all loved your performance!! ...
Many thanks,

Rick & Rita

ENTRY NUMBER: 478 | 01/07/2019, 11:23 am

Hi Grenville
We are so grateful that you could join us in the celebration of Christina and John's big day!
Everyone enjoyed your music! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives! We love you very much!
Love always,
Rita and Rick

Jennifer and Ashlee

ENTRY NUMBER: 477 | 28/05/2019, 12:40 pm

I wanted to reach out first thing today with a huge THANK YOU for working with us on our gala event. Early feedback indicates that everyone had a wonderful time (including us). Our plan is to send out a post event survey and I expect the awesome feedback will continue.
Grenville was a HUGE hit. I’d recommend him to anyone.


ENTRY NUMBER: 476 | 29/04/2019, 10:03 am

Good morning Grenville!
First of all I would like to thank you so very much for working with me and making your appearance work. Your presence and your musical talents were truly heavenly!! Especially on the dedication to my mother. (Caruso).
The audience loved you and my family loved you!! Of course I loved you too!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 475 | 19/03/2019, 10:29 pm

Hi Grenville
..Just wanted to send you a special thank you for Saturday night. You were amazing, the crowd loved it you made our night extra special. A lot of people were in awe fantastic performance you are one talented guy. ..Thank you again.


ENTRY NUMBER: 474 | 18/03/2019, 11:02 am

Grenville!!! All I can say is wow!!! You rocked that party!!! So talented!
All my best,


ENTRY NUMBER: 473 | 14/02/2019, 10:04 pm

Good afternoon,
Such a joy to have you at our meeting on Wednesday. Everyone had a great time and absolutely loved your music. No one wanted to go in to have dinner. They all wanted to stay and listen to you play.
You were worth the wait and I hope to have you again soon...
You made quite an impression with our ladies. 😊
Keep on playing


ENTRY NUMBER: 472 | 18/01/2019, 1:45 pm

Grenville captivated us all at our wedding and my 40th birthday. I have seen him in concert numerous times. He is an excellent performer and a talented musician. I could listen to him all day. Hope to see him perform again soon.

Frances Bambara

ENTRY NUMBER: 471 | 16/01/2019, 11:32 pm

Grenville preformed at my wedding. Was fantastic!!! He made the wedding night a memorable one!!! Interactive gets the crowd going!!! Best violinist. Also saw him in concert with Pavlo. Definately a must to perform at any function you plan on having!!! Love you Grenville 😊

Mary Beth filegan

ENTRY NUMBER: 470 | 16/01/2019, 1:35 pm

i first saw Grenville at a Pavlo concert at roy thomson hall. I immediatly ordered his Compilation cd and love it! i also have his christmas cd, and ordered more as gifts. i was so happy to see him when he played at my husbands christmas party a couple years ago. His music is amazing!!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 469 | 11/01/2019, 9:17 pm

I saw Grenville in concert a few times and am always captivated by his brilliance. He is a master at what he does and engages the crowd in such a beautiful and fun way. I can’t wait to see him again!

Joanna & Vincent

ENTRY NUMBER: 468 | 29/10/2018, 11:46 pm

I just want to thank you for coming to our wedding, you made the night spectacular. Everyone was beyond amazed at how talented you are. I can’t thank you enough! You are beyond amazing and you made my night! I love love love you!!!!!!
Joanna and Vincent Di Vito

Rachel & Derek

ENTRY NUMBER: 467 | 22/10/2018, 12:37 pm

Hey Grenville!
Rachel and I just wanted to send a big thank you - your performance was amazing! All of guests commented on how great you were, and the music during the ceremony was just beautiful. We really can't say enough how happy your music made us. Thank you for making our day extra special.
All the best,
Rachel and Derek

Ron & Pam

ENTRY NUMBER: 466 | 08/10/2018, 3:37 pm

Hello Grenville;
We just want to thank you again for your awesome performance at our 50th anniversary party last night.
We’ve had several phone calls today from those who were there congratulating us on the entertainment we provided so Pam and I are passing those congratulations on to you.
Thank you so much for making the party a huge success for us.
Ron and Pam


ENTRY NUMBER: 465 | 07/10/2018, 8:53 am

Hi Pinto,
Thanks so much for last weekend. You killed it! I wish I didn’t have to be taking pics with our photographer, I would’ve much rather watched you perform!! We had so many compliments and will be sure to pass your details on.
Thanks again for everything !!!!
Best wishes,


ENTRY NUMBER: 464 | 28/09/2018, 11:06 am

Hi Grenville,
Just caught you being interviewed on Cable 14 - what a beautiful sound. You are an amazing talent and do Hamilton proud for sure.
Continued success in your career.

Tara and Sean

ENTRY NUMBER: 463 | 24/09/2018, 7:02 pm

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing you were at our wedding. While we had seen some of your YouTube clips, being able to experience this in person was out of this world. It’s not everyday you encounter someone with this much passion and talent! All of our guests were blown away with your performance. We’re still in awe about it!
My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and your performance put her in such a great mood - I know she kept following you but thank you for being such a great sport about it 🙂
We hope to see you perform again!
Tara and Sean


ENTRY NUMBER: 462 | 16/09/2018, 10:51 am

Grenville !
You were incredible yesterday omg! I appreciated you doing L'Amour Toujours for me!!!

Arisa & Tariq

ENTRY NUMBER: 461 | 11/09/2018, 11:30 am

Hi Grenville,
Thank you so much for yesterday!! We weren’t able to hear the amazing performance during cocktail hour but from what we’ve heard it was amazing and you went above and beyond. We’re so happy we found you and you could attend our special day.
Arisa and I would like to stop by after our Honeymoon, so we’ll keep in touch.
Arisa & Tariq

Michael Charbon

ENTRY NUMBER: 460 | 14/08/2018, 10:28 pm

Grenville Pinto, one of the most engaging performers I have had the pleasure to hear, and meet personally. You are a real talent of energy musicality and performance emotion. Keep your momentum going !


ENTRY NUMBER: 459 | 04/08/2018, 8:23 am

Hi Grenville,
Simply "Amazing" and we are so so proud of you.
Your performance was simply outstanding and the crowd was totally mesmerized.
I had a few requests for a CD of your music
Booking you now for next year!

Dr. Jitesh

ENTRY NUMBER: 458 | 02/08/2018, 11:24 am

Dear Grenville,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for absolutely rocking the party! You were very loved! Thank you again! ..
Will look forward to seeing you soon

Chandrika Cerejo

ENTRY NUMBER: 457 | 01/08/2018, 7:06 pm

Hi Grenville

Thanks so much for playing at our 25th wedding anniversary. Everyone was thrilled with your performance which brought tremendous elegance and energy to our event. You made our evening and thank you for going above and beyond. You are a fantastic artist and we can't wait to hear you again. God bless.

Lindsay and Chandrika Cerejo

Jacqueline & Robert

ENTRY NUMBER: 456 | 15/07/2018, 11:11 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you for being a part of our special day. And for playing such gorgeous music for us at our venue. Your exceptional performance added a level of class to the event.
A Heartfelt Thanks,
Jacqueline & Robert

Omar & Iman

ENTRY NUMBER: 455 | 09/07/2018, 4:00 pm

Grenville, thank you so much for the wonderful performance last night.
You lit up the hall.
Everyone's asking me for your number!
Appreciate your terrific performance.
Omar & Iman


ENTRY NUMBER: 454 | 22/06/2018, 4:37 pm

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to say thankyou, you were amazing - everyone commented on how fabulous the violinist was. I'm sure you will hear from lots of our guests ..
You were a very easy guy to work with and contributed to make my daughters wedding a spectacular day.
Thankyou so much

Kathy & Mario

ENTRY NUMBER: 453 | 05/06/2018, 10:32 pm

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for playing at our wedding. It was amazing. Mario and I loved it and so did all the guests. We’re still hearing from guests who are talking about how great you were. I sent a video of when you played Andrea Bocelli - and Mario and I danced while you played. It was perfect! I absolutely loved it. I’ve watched it over a dozen times already. ...Mario loves that you played while he took off the garter. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for being there with us. We both loved it!
Kathy & ‘Super’ Mario


ENTRY NUMBER: 452 | 17/05/2018, 9:38 am

Thank you for your performance at our client appreciation event last night. Everyone was raving about you and the amazing music. The "die-hard fans" truly appreciated you taking their requests and had a wonderful time.
Thanks again.
TD Wealth


ENTRY NUMBER: 451 | 14/05/2018, 7:01 am

Congratulations Grenville...!
You must be thrilled..... and you've worked and earned the notoriety !
Best wishes on your continued success..!


ENTRY NUMBER: 450 | 14/05/2018, 6:52 am

Hey Grenville!
So amazing that you were the guest performer at Bieber dad's wedding! Your talent and enthusiasm is unmatched and I'm so proud and honoured to have had you for both my sons baptisms
Always sending you love and support,


ENTRY NUMBER: 449 | 08/05/2018, 12:37 pm

Hi Grenville,
Just wanted to thank you for your talents and performance on Saturday evening at our gala. You bring such a unique element to our event and we were thrilled with the performance and guests' feedback. Thank you once again!
Milton District Hospital

Betty Clironomos

ENTRY NUMBER: 448 | 06/04/2018, 4:07 pm

Dear Grenville .
We met you in 2008 at wedding show when my daughter Alison heard you playing such beautiful music & to our surprise it was coming from your violin ,, we kknew right there & then that we wanted YOU at her wedding !! Since then we have seen you at many many weddings but somehow You make it special each & every time always different amazing songs and outfits you play from your heart and it shows you come from an amazing talented family & past 2 Christmas concert l saw first hand how deep your love for music goes ,, l was floored at your 2017 concert and so proud to call you my friend !!
God bless you


ENTRY NUMBER: 447 | 16/03/2018, 3:09 am

Hi Grenville
I wanted to thank you for an amazing performance at my son Marcus' confirmation. The whole family loved you!! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family!
Thanks again,


ENTRY NUMBER: 446 | 08/12/2017, 11:20 pm

Hello Grenville. You performed at my firm's holiday party on Dec. 7th at the Carlu in Toronto, and having thoroughly enjoyed your amazing performance, I just had to Google you on You Tube as well. You are a truly gifted musician and I would be interested to find out if you have any upcoming concerts in the New Year as I would definitely love to attend.

From a new fan...


ENTRY NUMBER: 445 | 05/12/2017, 4:33 am

Saw your performance, Weins Christmas party. Love the performance.. Great music.

You are the superstar of rock/vilion..


ENTRY NUMBER: 444 | 29/11/2017, 9:10 pm

I am so grateful to have once again been a part of your amazing concert.
You never cease to amaze me, and my family and friends were absolutely blown away.
Keep doing what you do my friend!
Best always,

Monica Desouza

ENTRY NUMBER: 443 | 26/11/2017, 9:36 pm

Hi Grenvillle,

What a show you performed on Saturday 25th November 2017. I enjoyed every song that you played especially the one that you wrote for your mum. It made me cry as I also lost my mum and dad and brother. We are all grateful that you are a bright Star in our Goan community that brings us all together in this world. Keep up your Good Work & Music!! What a Amazing Show!! God Bless You Always and your family.

Good Job I must say!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 442 | 26/11/2017, 7:21 pm

AMAZING SHOW!!!! Had such a great time!! You are such an amazing, humble, talented man! We love what you do and hope to see you again very soon!!
All the best to you!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 441 | 26/11/2017, 2:15 pm

Hi Gren,

What an fabulous show you had tonight! My wife Seema and I along with Milena and her husband Zach thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. You were amazing as usual.


ENTRY NUMBER: 440 | 26/11/2017, 2:13 pm

OMG !!!
Last night was amazing pure Magic so much talent up there with YOU !! Something for everyone. l had the chance to talk & hug Liberty Silver she just adores you my boss was in shock .. l cried when u played beauty & the beast you made it come alive without any words ...the twins fav. l will post tomorrow need to calm down from last night lol

Anne & Carmine

ENTRY NUMBER: 439 | 10/10/2017, 12:04 pm

Hi Grenville,
Thanks so much...Everyone truly enjoyed the music at the drinks reception -what a great atmosphere! The Irish guests were surprised and delighted to hear some Irish tunes so thanks for taking the time to study those 🙂 Hopefully we will cross paths again!
Anne & Carmine


ENTRY NUMBER: 438 | 21/09/2017, 2:20 am

Hi Grenville:
Where do I start? THANK YOU for providing the best entertainment this group has ever seen. Our attendees were still talking about you on Sunday morning. Also thank you for the CD’s, I handed them out (1 for me of course) and people were thrilled.
Thanks for this info, I passed it around the office.
Take care – and see you soon!


ENTRY NUMBER: 437 | 20/09/2017, 4:14 pm

Hi “G”
I wanted to say “WOW” what a great job you did at the Church and the Hall for Bianca and Marco!
You put the Priest’s worries to bed real quickly and mesmerized our guests in the evening.
I knew no one was going to interrupt your performance that night by dancing.
Your show is that good and people that were thinking of leaving before you started, stayed until the end.
You are a true performer and professional and a great individual.
We were blessed and honored to have you perform for us Saturday.
All the guests raved and many have had you perform at their events...
Looking forward to seeing you soon and again thanks so much – I am getting calls telling me the Wedding was a home run starting from the Church to the venue, the food and the entertainment.
You were as big part of that!
Thank you….
Your truly,


ENTRY NUMBER: 436 | 09/09/2017, 2:37 am

Just wanted to thank you again for playing last night at the CFO Conference. You were the talk of today with how amazing you were!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 435 | 01/09/2017, 4:22 pm

Oh Grenville! I looked at your video, Santorini, it is freaking awesome. I have been there and you have captured this magnificent island in your music. I am just overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you for sending this to me – keep doing it! Stunning. Where can I purchase this CD?
Your friend,


ENTRY NUMBER: 434 | 29/08/2017, 4:20 am

What a pleasure to be in your audience again, you made a profound impact on the audience and have created memories we will treasure in our family for the remainder of our lives.
Keep sharing your talent and I am confident our paths will continue to cross.
With much respect and admiration,

Angelo D'Souza

ENTRY NUMBER: 433 | 04/08/2017, 2:15 pm

Your performance at Viva Goa festival 2017 was simply outstanding. You rocked, knocking it out of the park with passion and style.

Thank you once again for a memorable and remarkable performance!



ENTRY NUMBER: 432 | 06/07/2017, 11:52 pm

A million thank you to you ... You made my wedding amazing!!!!! You are the talk of the town!!! You did such an amazing job our guests were absolutely blown away by you ... Not only your skills as a musician but your humbleness and taking the time to talk to the guests meant a lot to them ...... You are one of kind!!!! All the way a true performer .... Thank you sooooo much.

Gabrielle & Darryl

ENTRY NUMBER: 431 | 06/07/2017, 6:35 pm

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the amazing job you did at our wedding ceremony on June 17th 2017. The guests are still talking about it and couldn't stop raving about how beautifully you played.

Thanks again!
Gabrielle & Darryl


ENTRY NUMBER: 430 | 04/07/2017, 6:51 pm

You were great at Raff's bridal shower. Had a wonderful time. Hope to see you at my granddaughter's Debut.


ENTRY NUMBER: 429 | 24/06/2017, 4:40 pm

Hi Grenville,
You were amazing last night at the Radio Mango Show, you had us mesmerized.

Best Wishes


Kris & Alberta

ENTRY NUMBER: 428 | 23/06/2017, 3:38 am

Hey Grenville,
Both my wife, Alberta, and I wanted to thank you so much for performing at our wedding May 26th.
You made the occasion that much more special and we were as impressed as ever with the performance you put on. Our guests are still going on about it almost a month later! You truly are amazing at what you do and beyond that a pleasure to be around and speak with.
We hope to enjoy listening to you again in the near future and we wish you all the best in everything you do!
Kris & Alberta


ENTRY NUMBER: 427 | 13/06/2017, 3:29 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you, again – for making us look good last week, at Emily’s House Celebrates Where Love Lives, a Gala at Casa Loma.
Mesmerizing -- from the wild AC/DC violin, to the song selection, to your performance outfit and stage presence. Just wow! … Plus, your spontaneous collaboration with Liberty Silver was incredible in unexpected ways. Thank you!
Thank you, for helping to make the evening so memorable, and possibly our best gala yet.
With appreciation,

Ross & Stephanie

ENTRY NUMBER: 426 | 21/05/2017, 4:05 pm

You were undoubtedly the star of the show last night. Stephanie and I were in absolute awe of your performance, and our guests would not stop complimenting us for it!! You are a super talented individual, thank you so much for making our big day even more special.
Ross & Steph

Meryl & Woody

ENTRY NUMBER: 425 | 20/05/2017, 6:12 pm

Grenville, You were so amazing playing for Jason and Athena's wedding on Mother's Day. Your music, talent and your presence made this a special event for not only the bride and groom, but for all the guests. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with all of us... Your "outfit" was pretty amazing as well... Thanks again.

Ula & Marcin

ENTRY NUMBER: 424 | 03/05/2017, 12:11 pm

Dear Grenville,
You were absolutely amazing, like I knew you were. I had some guests who have seen you before and some who have not. But everyone was complimenting your performance.
You were absolutely stunning! You are amazing, we can't get enough. I managed not to cry all day! Even when I was saying my wedding vows, yes that's right I was dry and kept it together, deep breath, deep breath.
But when you played Hallelujah, I couldn't hold back the tears, even my fiancé said that this is the first time on that day he has seen my cry! When you play your violin it sings the most beautiful songs.
You are truly skilled in playing the violin, but what makes you unique is the way you invoke the emotion to come through when you play. And that is not something that comes from learning it in school, it comes from the heart.
You made our wedding day so special!
Thank you and I hope one day to have you at play at another event.
Ula and Marcin


ENTRY NUMBER: 423 | 28/04/2017, 8:59 pm

Hi Grenville,
You know besides the fact that you are an extremely talented guy and I love listening to you – I also love that you have fun!
Thank you once again for a memorable evening!

Continued success, Grenville!
Manager Alumni Development
University of Toronto


ENTRY NUMBER: 422 | 09/04/2017, 5:41 pm

You are an amazing violinist. Heard you playing at the Hamilton Food and Wine Fest on Saturday April 8, 2017. Loved the song from Beauty and The Beast.
Thank you.


ENTRY NUMBER: 421 | 04/04/2017, 2:58 pm

Dear Grenville,
We would like to thank you for your wonderful performance on Saturday night during our Autism Fundraiser.
Your music is marvelous and the way you present it is just so amazing that I have no words...
Our guests loved you and we'll see you during our next fundraiser for sure!!
Thank you and continue playing your violin because your music can change the world...
Have a nice day.
Thank you,

Ashley & Peter

ENTRY NUMBER: 420 | 26/03/2017, 3:38 pm

Thanks so much you are so talented and we were so lucky to have you a part of our special day. I can't wait to see videos of everything 🙂
Thank you,
Ashley and Peter


ENTRY NUMBER: 419 | 20/03/2017, 2:50 pm

Hi Grenville
Just wanted to send you a short but very meaningful note, to thank you for your incredible performance at our 9th Annual Ontario Region “Hollywood North” Gala last month.
Although, amidst a major snow storm, the attendance for the event was very positive, and also your performance was outstanding.  We have never experienced such a captive and mesmerized audience before.  Your musical selection, matched with your dynamic and creative performance was certainly the highlight of our entire gala.  They fell in love with you, and your talent indeed.
Our survey results also highlighted your performance with high marks and very positive comments.

Thank you again and again!
Hoping our paths cross again in the near future.
Best Regards,

Sarah & Eoghan

ENTRY NUMBER: 418 | 28/02/2017, 4:26 pm

Hi Grenville,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for Friday. Not surprisingly, you were a HUGE hit. People were raving about you all night. It was definitely a great way to get the party started. I'm so glad you were a part of our day. The entertainment was the most important part of the night for us so thanks for knocking it out of the park.
All the best,
Sarah & Eoghan


ENTRY NUMBER: 417 | 29/01/2017, 9:56 am

Good morning Mr. Pinto I wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic performance... Everyone really enjoyed and wanted to know how I knew about you... I told them to YouTube your name as well as search iTunes ...and that your are the finest violinist.... Thank you thank you thank you.... 🙂
P.s I love the cd.



ENTRY NUMBER: 416 | 18/01/2017, 6:31 pm

Thank you for making today's celebration of life a most remmeberable event, as I looked around the church today there was not a dry eye in the house when you performed. Your performance left everyone feeling overwhelmed in a very good way. Between you and the police officer in uniform, I had many people ask me who exactly was your father in law ? My answer was a good hard working man who loved his family. He would have been so humbled to have seen so many people take time out of their busy day to attend his funeral mass. Thank you again - I wish you continued success with your career. -Frank


ENTRY NUMBER: 415 | 05/12/2016, 8:23 am


What a performance!!! You rocked it with passion and in style. I'm so grateful to you and your talent. Please keep it up.


ENTRY NUMBER: 414 | 25/11/2016, 10:04 pm

Had the pleasure of seeing you perform this evening at a Christmas party and I was BLOWN away! You are truly an incredible artist and performer!


ENTRY NUMBER: 413 | 03/11/2016, 7:04 pm

Hey it's Amanda I have met you twice once at my sister's wedding, this is were I fell in love with your art in music, and the second time in Belleville Ontario this past summer, where I waited all day just to see you, you need to know that your music keeps me on my toes in love. I know that you are going to Brantford and I am so determined to go I will, because I have to. Your music is like church for me. Anyways I thought I would just say that. Your my hero in so many ways, your new video is amazing

Nancy & Jason

ENTRY NUMBER: 412 | 05/10/2016, 11:23 am

Hi Grenville,

Thank you so much for the amazing entertainment last weekend at the wedding. I got so many compliments and the guests really enjoyed the passion and talent you put into your performance, it was spectacular.

I wish you all the best and thank you for making it such a wonderful night.

Nancy & Jason

Paolo & Daniela

ENTRY NUMBER: 411 | 12/09/2016, 4:57 pm

Hi Grenville,

Paolo and I just returned from our honeymoon and would like to thank you for your amazing performance at our wedding. Our guests were in awe. You are truly amazing at what you do.

It was such a pleasure working with you.

Thanks again
Paolo & Daniela

Michelle & Jed

ENTRY NUMBER: 410 | 16/08/2016, 8:42 am

Dear Grenville,
One of my fondest memories from wedding planning is when Jed and I had the pleasure of listening to you play just for us and we shared ideas for our ceremony. I always knew that I would want you to play at my wedding but that afternoon I witnessed Jed experience your amazing talent and understand why I've been gushing about you, for himself.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Michelle and Jed

Greta Dias

ENTRY NUMBER: 409 | 09/08/2016, 4:45 am

Fabulous performance at Viva GOA. You are so gifted and we are so proud of our fellow Goan!


ENTRY NUMBER: 408 | 02/08/2016, 8:39 pm

Hi Grenville,

Thank you so much for Saturday. Everyone is still talking about your amazing talent. We all had a great time. Hope you enjoyed it too.



ENTRY NUMBER: 407 | 02/08/2016, 7:05 pm

Hi Grenville,

I listen to your music as I work on my computer.

I'm glad to have your pleasant sounds to listen to.

So much of today's so-called music is just noise.



ENTRY NUMBER: 406 | 11/07/2016, 4:41 pm

Hey Grenville

Thank you so much for the fantastic ceremony music it was perfect!!! Wouldn't want it any other way we cannot thank you enough everyone loved it !!


Anitha & Inderjit

ENTRY NUMBER: 405 | 11/07/2016, 10:39 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful performance at our wedding reception. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to your talent. You truly have a very unique gift!

All the best,

Anitha and Inderjit


ENTRY NUMBER: 404 | 05/07/2016, 8:39 pm

Hi Grenville
Hope all is well
Just wanted to say THANK YOU
You were great on Friday
I know the weather didn't help much but you made the best of it and it was great .
As always a job well done, everyone loved it.
Thanks again


ENTRY NUMBER: 403 | 02/05/2016, 7:31 am

At my sister-in-law's celebration of life, we had the distinct pleasure of listening to the musical talents of Grenville Pinto. Grenville is a brilliant musician and we were all captivated by the exquisite way in which he plays the violin. As a student of music myself, I can say that such talent springs from the perfect union of a natural gift and many years honing that talent. I can heartily recommend Grenville Pinto for anyone looking for a fabulous musician to serenade their event.

Yvonne and Pat

ENTRY NUMBER: 402 | 26/04/2016, 5:35 pm

Hi G!!

I've been meaning to write to you sooner . Pat and I wanted to thank you so very much for playing and bringing such good spirit to our wedding! You are a great performer. All our guests had such a great time and can't stop talking about you! ... You will definitely be one of my greatest memories of our wedding (along with father Mario lol.) ... I hear it becomes a big blur of the day so I'm happy to be able to look back and remember all my guests having such a wonderful time . I have a THOUSAND pictures and some videos from our hashtags to look back at from our day: #patandyvonnewedding2016 you are in quite a few .
Thanks so much again and I look forward to seeing you in the near future !
Yvonne & Pat ! Xo


ENTRY NUMBER: 401 | 19/04/2016, 7:53 pm

Hey Grenville,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance the other night at the MBOT Gala. Your performance lived up to, and exceeded all the hype! You are a true showman and awesome entertainer.
All the best

Jessica & Gabe

ENTRY NUMBER: 400 | 19/04/2016, 3:20 pm


From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and amazing service as always. You are a true performer and artist with class and talent. I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to thank you yet, things were absolutely hectic all weekend.

You did such a fantastic job and the aerials complimented you so well! Everyone post wedding ranted and raved about the wow factor upon entering the room. Julio got a great shot of you and I will post it on Veriation's instagram soon.
Anyway, thank you again. You are absolutely the best in the industry!!!

Talk soon,
Jess and Gabe

Lydia B.

ENTRY NUMBER: 399 | 06/04/2016, 7:45 am

I heard Mr. Pinto on the PBS special "Pavlo: Live from Kastoria" back on April 2nd and his violin playing BLEW ME AWAY! He is, in a word, AMAZING! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀


ENTRY NUMBER: 398 | 09/03/2016, 8:44 pm

Superstar G.Pinto

You are simply the most exceptional Artist! I’m so grateful we had the honor of your spectacular performance at our Wedding reception.

Your artistry exceeded all of our expectations, it was electrifying and romantic, all of our Guests shared with us that it was the most exciting, charismatic and heartfelt performance they have ever seen!

You give the expression “Let’s get this celebration started” an EPIC DEFINITION OF THE G.PINTO EXPERIENCE!

Thank you for giving our wedding guests the gift of your musical artistry & a performance that was magical and unforgettable!



ENTRY NUMBER: 397 | 09/03/2016, 7:14 am

Hi Grenville,

Hope you are having a great day! Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for being a part of our Showcase! With over 400 guests in attendance, it was our biggest showcase yet! The success was attributed to having strong partners, such as yourself, joining us in our event.

We were absolutely mesmerized by your outstanding performance - it truly elevated everyone's experience! What a WOW factor - you are amazing!

Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you on 2016 events!



Marisa Todaro

ENTRY NUMBER: 396 | 02/03/2016, 4:56 pm

Amazing....On February 12th Grenville Pinto entertained our guests at our son's Dinner Dance to help raise monies for Sick Kids. Thank you Grenville, you were absolutely and truly outstanding. Our guests are still talking about you. As you were performing I looked around the Hall to see their reactions and I was very, very pleased that everyone young and older were mesmerized by your talent and they were also recording you on their phone. Thank you for adding that special touch of class to our event. Marisa Todaro (Venetian Hall, February 12, 2016)


ENTRY NUMBER: 395 | 28/02/2016, 9:43 pm

Grenville, you were amazing tonight at the Halton Women's Place Gala! We loved your performance - especially Stairway to Heaven! thanks for your support of such a great cause.


ENTRY NUMBER: 394 | 26/01/2016, 7:49 pm

Hi Pinto, we met you at the Exhibition show the Bridal show this past weekend. Was really enjoying your music with your violin. Let me tell your that I'm alreally missing your music. I had never heard anyone play the violin the way you did. May god bless you with talent.

Debbie & Jim

ENTRY NUMBER: 393 | 13/01/2016, 3:50 pm

Good morning and happy new year to you Grenville. We wanted to thank you for your performance at our daughter's wedding at the Doctor's House. You did a terrific job; I'm only sorry we didn't get enough time to actually watch you; but we were listening and loved it all. Michelle and Mat's French family and friends commented several times about how much they enjoyed your music and your suit! Even as they were leaving at the airport on Jan 2nd, Mat's family was talking about how you played the violin like a banjo and they got a real kick out of that.

Thanks again. Hoping 2016 brings you good health and many reasons to laugh and enjoy life,
Debbie and Jim


ENTRY NUMBER: 392 | 01/01/2016, 1:04 pm

Hi Grenville,
Thanks again for coming out on Christmas Day and help make our guests Christmas a little brighter. You were spectacular!! I wish I taped your mash up of Hotline Bling and Here Comes Santa Claus. Explaining it over dinner with my friends and family couldn't do it justice -- it was so brilliant! Thanks also for your patience as our guests finished dinner.

This was our 9th year and as far as I'm concerned, it was our best year.

Hope you will have a chance to enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

All the best,


ENTRY NUMBER: 391 | 28/12/2015, 2:06 pm

Hope you had a. Fantastic and a Merry Christmas! Filled with friends family and fun buddy. We listened to your Christmas album so many times. Cheers Grenville!


ENTRY NUMBER: 390 | 24/12/2015, 11:04 am

Hi Grenville,

I wanted to let you know how much my neighbours and I enjoyed your Christmas Concert on Dec 6th!! I think we had the best table in the house!! Thank you for arranging that for us!

It was a wonderful show and we also enjoyed the very talented singers who accompanied you. It was our official kick-start to Christmas!

Matt & I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas-time, health, happiness and peace in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!



ENTRY NUMBER: 389 | 12/12/2015, 7:20 am

I need to tell you that we have had your album on for the last week, nonstop. I love it, the kids love it (they won't let me change to another Christmas album). Congratulations on your hard work, providing so much success.

My daughter, Esme (who is about to turn 5) plays violin and listens carefully for your violin in the recordings. I told her about the music you play and she has seen some of the videos. She says, "wow, he must be a hard worker." He is, for sure. He's also inspiring. She wants to be like you, now.

Thank you.


ENTRY NUMBER: 388 | 10/11/2015, 7:11 am

Grenville Pinto:
What a wonderful JOY experiencing your fabulous presentation at the Maxima travel show in Hamilton on October 28. It is not easy engaging everyone in a room that large, but you certainly succeeded.
I purchased from you two Compilation CDs (I gave one as a gift to the lady who told me about the travel show) and 'Perfect Day'. I have listened to both and am enjoying them.

So, thank you for again for making the 'My Way' CD for me.

I wish you continuing success as you engage audiences with your musical talent.

Your friend,


ENTRY NUMBER: 387 | 25/10/2015, 10:38 am

Had the opportunity to hear you play at my cousin's wedding yesterday. All I can say is absolutely amazing performance!


ENTRY NUMBER: 386 | 19/10/2015, 9:28 pm

Hi Grenville,

Wanted to thank you for your help with the wedding.

I've seen you perform many times before but 99% of the people at the wedding have not.

It was something new and exciting for them and def created some great memories.

You rock.



ENTRY NUMBER: 385 | 06/10/2015, 7:21 pm

Hi Grenville,
Thank you for such a wonderful performance for Jain Society Of Toronto fund raising gala on Oct 4, and really you made a night to remember. Seemed everybody was mesmerized and wished you didn't stop playing.
Hope to have your performances again in the future.


Tania & Ralph

ENTRY NUMBER: 384 | 05/10/2015, 8:27 pm

Hey Grenville!

How are you? Hope all is well. Ralph and I just wanted to thank you so very much for playing at our Wedding on Sat Sept 26.

We are so honoured and happy that you played and so many of our guests have been asking me for your information - everyone loved you!!!

Thank you so much for everything, and we look forward to seeing you again one day soon 🙂

Take care, warmly
Tania & Ralph


ENTRY NUMBER: 383 | 05/10/2015, 8:16 pm

Hello Grenville!
I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for playing at our sons baptism Sept 6th for our little RIO. You made it a night to remember, and if I would be so lucky, I would hope to have the honour of you playing at one of our future events again! Your talent is unmatched, and your passion is palpable!


La Farcioli family

ENTRY NUMBER: 382 | 03/10/2015, 9:55 am

Just a note of thanks to let you know all the positive feedback we received on your violin performance at our daughter Christina's wedding at The Venetian.

You are indeed so blessed and talented. No one can top your performances.

Keep up the good work and in the future for one occasion or the other we will definitely be calling you again. Thanks so much! God Bless!


ENTRY NUMBER: 381 | 25/08/2015, 7:21 pm

Hi Pinto!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your performance , it was absolutely amazing! The entrance was incredible everyone was amazed by you and asking for your info. You will definitely be getting some calls lol. My husband was so happy he had to hold back tears! 🙂 Thanks again you made our first dance feel like heaven. You're amazing!!

Thank you!

Sandy & Joe

ENTRY NUMBER: 380 | 12/08/2015, 3:49 pm

Hi Grenville

I would just like to start off by saying thank you very much for the wonderful job done, we were very honored to have you perform at our wedding ceremony and reception we enjoyed every moment and our guests loved you as well ...I hope to see you around for any future performances you will have because I think you’re amazing at what you do.

Thank you

Sandy & Joe

Ahmad & Aisha

ENTRY NUMBER: 379 | 08/08/2015, 6:24 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to say thank you for showing up and performing. It was amazing. Both Aisha and I loved it and we heard incredible feedback about the performance from everyone.

Both big fans of you.

Thank you,


Monica and Justin

ENTRY NUMBER: 378 | 05/08/2015, 7:24 am

Justin and I just wanted to say Thank you sooo much for your beautiful violin playing on Sunday. It was a dream come true to listen to you play the violin during the ceremony. Our guests could not stop complimenting us about you, they all loved you playing during our cocktail hour (despite the storm/power outages).
Thank you so so much !!!! It was an absolute pleasure having you at our wedding and I will recommend you to everyone I know that is getting married .

You are so talented and the best violin player I have ever heard .

Take care,

Monica and Justin

Jeffery Smith

ENTRY NUMBER: 377 | 30/07/2015, 7:50 pm

It was a pleasure meeting you in Muskoka for my father's 90th. Your music and talent was really enjoyed by everyone. I look forward to coming to see you at your shows and hope to get you in the London area.
Your an incredible artist.

Debbie Michalski

ENTRY NUMBER: 376 | 27/07/2015, 6:57 am

Hi Grenville: I really cannot describe how touched I am and will always be that you and Annette created such incredible music for our friends and family and for Mom wherever she may be. Thank you so very much!!



ENTRY NUMBER: 375 | 11/07/2015, 11:01 pm

(from Kastoria, Greece)
I had the honor to meet Grenville Pinto personally. He is a wonderful person, and with his chrtaracter he makes us to feel like we know him many years.
I must thank Pavlo Simtikidis to give us the chance to hear your music and get to know an amazing person. I wish you the best. I am waiting of your cd and most of all your next visit in Greece.

Aneta & Arek

ENTRY NUMBER: 374 | 30/06/2015, 10:03 am

I have saved the best for last. Grenville, it took me 2 days to come up with words to describe how much having you perform on our wedding meant to the both of us. You have made our day so incredibly special and memorable, your talent is God's gift to us. We have tried to thank EVERYONE that made our amazing day come to life but your presence and your music was an absolute highlight of the night! We have been in love with your music since the first day, now it's all of our friends and families enjoying and playing your beautiful melodies. We had family that drove 8-10 hours home listening to Grenville Pinto.
We are extremely honoured to have you perform our beautiful church ceremony and reception, so many ladies lost all their make up after Ave Maria. You are not only an incredibly talented virtuoso but such an amazing person !
Please make sure your dad knows how sweet and wonderful he is and his blessing meant the world to me
We are so fortunate to have met you and gained a friend for life
Thank you for making our beautiful day one we will never forget 💗 Aneta & Arek


ENTRY NUMBER: 373 | 21/06/2015, 10:07 pm

Hi Grenville Pinto
I just wanted extend sincere thanks from bottom of my heart for your amazing magical program yesterday night. You are not just a violinist but you are much more.

I received so many comments on your show and all our friends and family truly enjoyed your talent. I look forward enjoy many more of your programs. All the best.



ENTRY NUMBER: 372 | 11/06/2015, 2:21 pm

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to Sacred Heart of Jesus School today. I have been a teacher for 26 years and I have never been to such a fun, energizing assembly before.
Thank you for including our choir and our students who are learning to play the violin. You gave them such an awesome opportunity and memory!
My kindergarten students were mesmerized by your music and one of my students crawled over to me to tell me she just needed to dance to your music. I told her to go for it and she started a dance party in our gym that will be go down in history!
Thank you for so enthusiastically sharing your gifts with us today.
May God continue to bless you in your ministry as a musician.

Sitara and Chris

ENTRY NUMBER: 371 | 27/05/2015, 3:22 pm

Hi Grenville,

I wanted to thank you for such a spectacular performance at our wedding. We were sooo happy to have you there, everyone enjoyed it!

Thank you again!!!!

Sitara & Chris


ENTRY NUMBER: 370 | 13/05/2015, 8:08 pm

Hi Grenville,

It's been a crazy few months but now that the wedding is over and complete, we would like to extend our sincere thank you for being a part of my sister Simona and Rony's special day. Everyone was happy, you did an outstanding as per usual performance. Looking forward to more of your services!
Thank you,

Matthew and Maria

ENTRY NUMBER: 369 | 13/05/2015, 7:33 pm

Hey Grenville,

Matthew and I want to thank you for doing such an amazing performance at our wedding on Sat, Apr 25th. Everyone complimented you on such a great job and not only did the adults but the children also loved you! They were dancing along to your music. It was lovely having you present on our special say sharing your passion and talent with us and others. We all had a fantastic time and you made the day even more memorable with your phenomenal performance.

Matthew's mom, dad and his two aunts went to see you live in Hamilton where you were performing a week ago and they had a fantastic time listening to you play. Thank you again for amazing job and we can't wait to have you play at our future events or special occasions. God bless!


Matthew and Maria


ENTRY NUMBER: 368 | 04/05/2015, 8:03 am

Thank you for the fantastic show Grenville, we had a wonderful time. I was the the one who when you said the audience was awesome I replied you are awesome too. Kristy is so excited to have you at her wedding. Please keep us posted on your next concerts . Thank you again 🙂

Mary Ellen

ENTRY NUMBER: 367 | 04/05/2015, 6:51 am

Good morning 🙂

First I would like to Thank you for such a wonderful concert !!! You are amazingly talented and had the whole audience in a tranz.
I have been to sooo many concerts but you by far are the best performer I have ever seen.

In addition to your perfect performance, your personality is superior to most humans. You are a people person and truly care about others.

I was honored to see you and please keep us informed of your next show.

All the best,
Mary Ellen


ENTRY NUMBER: 366 | 30/04/2015, 8:54 pm

Hi Grenville,
Just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely amazing at Matthew and Maria's wedding on Saturday. You are loved by all the Family and I am so glad that 8 years ago I found out about you and you graced us with your talent at Tanya's wedding. To this very day, you are still considered the best part of the wedding celebration.

Please keep me posted on upcoming events as myself, and other family members would love to come and see you perform.
Take Care,


ENTRY NUMBER: 365 | 30/04/2015, 1:39 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you once again for being at our event. Your presence and your performance made the night! I had excellent feedback from everyone who attended, ... Everyone loved your music and had a great time
Thanks again,
Branch Manager, Scotiabank


ENTRY NUMBER: 364 | 30/04/2015, 10:57 am

OMG!! I’m listening to your CD! I just want to get up and do a belly dance! Love it Grenville! I can’t wait to play it in my backyard with friends and wine!! It calls to my Latin soul and yes, I am indeed Italian!

If I were at McMaster I would be calling you every week for a performance.

I hope to see you back very soon!
University of Toronto

Phil Williamms

ENTRY NUMBER: 363 | 29/04/2015, 12:43 pm

8-0 Saw you perform this morning on CHCH and we were VERY impressed. We will be ordering the CD. We are also sad because, we won't be able to see you in concert this weekend but look forward to going to one in the near future.


Gail & Dennis

ENTRY NUMBER: 362 | 01/04/2015, 5:19 pm

Dennis & I feel so bad we won't be here May 3/15 : ( We Love Grenville Pinto- there is nobody like him- such a talent, musician & such a performer! I'd get married again just to have him play for us. Have admired him since 2006 the first time we heard/met him & I don't know if CD's wear out- but they do ours of Grenville should be on their way out. They've been played so much & we never tire of his fabulous music. Hope to catch your next concert Grenville!! (We will still be in FL in May-sniff, sniff) Nobody even comes close to this very talented , handsome, extremely well dressed young man!
We Love You, Gail & Dennis xo xo


ENTRY NUMBER: 361 | 16/03/2015, 8:11 pm

Hi there,

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing performance at the wedding. All the guests loved the atmosphere that you created and many told me afterwards that they are familiar with your work and it was fantastic to hear you live!
Thank you again for everything, you were great and it was a pleasure!!!



ENTRY NUMBER: 360 | 09/03/2015, 7:19 pm


I wanted to thank you for a magnificent and touching performance today. Unfortunately, I hadn't arrived yet and missed the majority. I did however receive several emails and phone calls from friends and family telling me that it was a first class act.

Your kind gesture has given us peace and comfort during this very difficult time for my children and I.

Joe's funeral will be remembered by many for a long time and it is because of YOU.

There are no words to express my gratitude for your generous and kind gift to Joe.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again soon.



ENTRY NUMBER: 359 | 02/03/2015, 9:12 pm

Thank you for playing at our event! It was noticed by the committee that many of our guests greatly appreciated your attendance. I can assure you that your presence made it a more memorable event.



ENTRY NUMBER: 358 | 02/03/2015, 2:02 pm

Dear Grenville Pinto,

I have seen your performance at my friend’s daughter's wedding it was the most memorable part of the wedding. You are an amazing and talented performer and I was dreaming that when my daughter will get married I would love to ask you to perform at her wedding.

Thank you in advance.

Lisa and Ralph

ENTRY NUMBER: 357 | 20/01/2015, 10:55 pm

Good Evening Grenville,

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation for your amazing performance this past weekend at our wedding. Our guests are still raving about you!! You were amazing, entertaining, captivating and warm. Even the children were enthralled by you and we very much appreciate you taking the time to involve them as well.

Your performance will forever be cherished.

Much love,

Lisa and Ralph

Maria and Matthew

ENTRY NUMBER: 356 | 13/01/2015, 10:02 pm

Hey Grenville!

Matthew, Diane and I want to thank you for your hospitality. It was so breathtaking to hear your perform in front of our eyes. You have a God given talent and we are all so excited to hear you perform next year on our wedding day.

Thanks again for your kindness. We look forward in speaking and seeing you soon!


Matthew & Maria


ENTRY NUMBER: 355 | 10/12/2014, 9:38 am

You truly are a master of your craft and I have heard nothing but phenomenal reviews regarding your performance on Saturday night. Job well done! Thank you for making our night extra special.



ENTRY NUMBER: 354 | 30/10/2014, 4:45 am

Hey Gren!
First of all congratulations on a fantastic show! Everyone in my family were blown away just like everyone else in the audience. They all bought the CD too!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me and hope there will be more opportunities for us to perform again in the future. Maybe a Duppuppalooza 4 is not out of the question!
All the best now and always
Big love

Angela & Sam

ENTRY NUMBER: 353 | 30/10/2014, 4:41 am

Good morning Gren,

Last night was entertaining, brilliant, funny and quite frankly, fantastic.

Angela, the kids and I are very proud of you! Your sisters, the band and all of the guests were amazing. As budding musicians, my daughters were very inspired and they could not stop talking about the event this morning. Perhaps you could consider a Christmas special at Hamilton Place? J Between all of your gigs, STM and MAC alumni, your clients, friends, family, etc…. it would be a success.

Thank you so much for investing the time and effort to create a wonderful experience. “Perfect Day” is already loaded in my car CD player. Keep up the great work!


Angela, Jana, Sara, Simona and Sam


ENTRY NUMBER: 352 | 29/10/2014, 7:08 pm

Hi Grenville,

We finally got the opportunity to hear you in person last week at St. Michael's! To say we were impressed is an understatement! I have been to many concerts/shows/plays over the years and I will unreservedly say yours was one of the very best. The quality of the line-up, especially you, the choice of songs and the intimacy were all superb, and all at a very reasonable price.

We brought my parents to celebrate their 75th birthdays to see you; it was great to see my mom was rocking in her chair to Thunderstruck!

We picked up and are enjoying your latest CD while we were there. It would be appreciated if you could confirm the name of the gentleman who sang Thunderstruck; I would like to get to know more about him / see him perform as well.

Thanks for an absolutely amazing night! We look forward to more!



ENTRY NUMBER: 351 | 28/10/2014, 5:30 pm

Congratulations Grenville !!!
What a Spectacular evening you put together last nite
The performances were all First Class
Everything. What an unbelievable array of talent Hollywood has nothing on you
We were a party of 9 including Nicole and her fiancé Andrew along with his mother. They were blown away
Sorry we could not stick around after the performance we had to Sues aunt and 2 uncles home
Thank you for a most enjoyable evening


ENTRY NUMBER: 350 | 28/10/2014, 5:16 pm

Hi Grenville:

I thoroughly enjoyed your concert with your wonderful guests on Saturday evening.

You were magnificent.

The Swan was expressively played and from the intense applause, it was very well received.
It was a poignant and heartrending moment touching the deepest part of our humanity.

Some time in the near future, let's get together and have a meal.

Once again, thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.




ENTRY NUMBER: 349 | 28/10/2014, 3:46 pm

Hi Grenville....

Let me add my name to what I'm sure is a growing list of fans,,,,,,,,,,,,your talent and showmanship were outstanding this evening,,,,,,,,,,your choice of friends on stage made for a superb evening of fun....the venue could not have been better.
my date and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it,,,,,,,,,,,
please keep me informed of upcoming concerts ...........cheers Ralph


ENTRY NUMBER: 348 | 28/10/2014, 8:21 am

Along with my husband, son and daughter-in-law, we thoroughly enjoyed your concert on Saturday night! Congratulations on an amazing performance! The group you pulled together appealed to everyone (my son could hardly contain himself when the DJ came out!). There were 9 of us that came this time. Can't wait for another concert where Helder and I are planning to arrange a bus filled with friends and family who love to be entertained by a class act. You are a wonderful gift! God bless you!


ENTRY NUMBER: 347 | 27/10/2014, 6:35 pm

Hey Grenville,

Just wanted to pass on my Dad's thought of your show - He sent this to the family that couldn't attend.

Hi all: Just a short note to fill you in on GP's show this past Saturday. It was absolutely awesome. He played the violin throughout the evening to different styles of music from regular dance to rap & hip hop. . The crowd was howling. He is quite the showman with a three piece band, his two sisters on the piano/organ, Pavlo the greek guitarist, a local singer from Hamilton and three hours of pure razzle/dazzle. Full house and free giant samosas after the show. Pure ecstacy. Try not to miss his next show. You will not be dissapointed. Enjai

Obviously Tania and I echo those thoughts - You sure continue to out do yourself -

Glad to say hi and happy I was there for your first performance.

Keep them coming and we will always attend.




ENTRY NUMBER: 346 | 27/10/2014, 5:15 am

Hello Grenville - just wanted to say that my sister and I had an amazing time at the concert last night. It was so great to see you perform again. All of your special guests added such a cool dynamic to the evening - and they all respect you so much as a musician and artist - that was great to see.

Highlights included your mixes with the DJ, the Michael Jackson segment, the tribute to your mother, seeing your sisters performing with you on stage and of course, the finale of Canon in D. That was amazing.
Still your number 1 fan!
Hoping you have more concerts in the future!

Peggy C

Donna DeFrancesco

ENTRY NUMBER: 345 | 02/10/2014, 7:41 am

Re; John Paul and Natalie De Francesco Wedding
September 27, 2014

Grenville is an exceptional artist. He is one of the very few artists that come along only once in a lifetime. You truly won't be disappointed.


ENTRY NUMBER: 344 | 07/09/2014, 5:31 pm


Your playing at Kristen and Dominic's wedding last night was a delight. Not only did you honour them with your performance, your interaction with the little ring bearer Jacob was thoughtful and touching. Far beyond a showman, you are an artist who cares.

God Bless You!


ENTRY NUMBER: 343 | 06/07/2014, 1:23 pm

"Awesome performance at Pam and Brian's reception on Saturday night! I've never heard chutney music played on a violin, and now that I have, I prefer your version over the original. My brother is giving up the piano that he's been practicing for years and now wants to play the violin like you."

Brian & Pam

ENTRY NUMBER: 342 | 01/07/2014, 6:47 am

Hey Grenville.
Words can't express how happy Pam and I were with your performance. You are truly talented and bring joy and smiles to complete strangers through your love for music.
Your talent is unmeasurable. Having you a part of our wedding was one of the best decisions we've made.
Thanks for everything Grenville. I hope we can stay in touch.

Brian & Pam

Brenda Desa

ENTRY NUMBER: 341 | 23/06/2014, 5:34 am

Hello Grenville,

Congratulations on your new CD. Your video showcased your talent beautifully!.
You sure are blessed with this wonderful talent , and we are honored to listen to it.
Keep on going !

Our guests still rave about your violin playing at St Christopher's Church last September .


Brenda & Peter Desa

Laura & Sean

ENTRY NUMBER: 340 | 22/06/2014, 9:07 pm

Hi Grenville,
Thank you for having Sean and I over on Wednesday to plan out the details for the music at our wedding. We really enjoyed meeting you and hearing you play. It was a fun night for us!

Thank you for all your hospitality. I know it's a year away but we're very excited that you will be performing at our wedding. It means so much to us. We listened to your new albums on our ride home, and this weekend. They are fantastic! Thanks again!

Talk to you soon.

Laura & Sean


ENTRY NUMBER: 339 | 16/06/2014, 8:24 pm

I wanted to thank you again for your amazing performance at my sisters wedding. We were blown away and loved what you did. you were definitely what everyone was talking about!

Thank you again!


ENTRY NUMBER: 338 | 12/06/2014, 5:38 am

Hi Grenville! Just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for playing at our wedding last weekend. Everyone is talking about your performance and what a great experience it was.

Thank you for everything! You made our wedding one to remember 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER: 337 | 11/06/2014, 4:37 pm

1 word ~AMAZING! Truly Blessed to have met this man Grenville Pinto @ my cousin Olga Jurowski Pona wedding and had the honour of watching him perform. What a Talent!!!!! His musical performance will take you to another place! Truly rythmic..jaw dropping ...i can go on and on! Mr. Grenville You ARE a Super ☆

Priya Shan

ENTRY NUMBER: 336 | 09/06/2014, 7:41 am

Hi Grenville,
Andrew and I wanted to let you know how amazing your performance was at our wedding reception in April. You made our wedding so special and magical. We and our guests still talk about how beautifully you played the violin and the way you drew us all into the music with your distinct style! Thank you!
Priya & Andrew


ENTRY NUMBER: 335 | 02/06/2014, 7:40 pm

Hi Grenville,
I hope you’re well.

Tanya and I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful evening last night and for the fantastic CD you gave her. You brought her special night to a whole new level and Victoria really out did herself with finding you. You played beautifully and everyone, including the family and Victoria’s neighbors, were very impressed. We all felt that you went above and beyond our expectations and we were thrilled that you decided to stay and join the party. We definitely will not hesitate call you again for any future events or to recommend you to our friends and colleagues.
All the best,


Lina & Luca

ENTRY NUMBER: 334 | 31/05/2014, 10:54 pm

Hey Grenville!

...THANK YOU again! As expected our guests including us were blown away and still talking of your set! It was beyond words, you're awesome and so talented and you made our wedding a million times better.

So thanks again and we can't wait to have the opportunity to have you again!

Kindest regards,

Lesley & Shane

ENTRY NUMBER: 333 | 29/05/2014, 8:28 pm

Grenville, Shane and I would like to thank you for your awesome performance at our wedding on Saturday night! You blew our guests away! Lots posted clips to their Facebook pages and commented you were the best wedding entertainment they have ever seen! I have a feeling they will be talking about you for a long time. You helped make the night memorable! Well done!


ENTRY NUMBER: 332 | 20/05/2014, 12:00 pm

Grenville, I just wanted to thank you again for entertaining our guests at the wedding on May 3rd for Simon & Jenna at Liuna Station.
This is the 2nd wedding you have played at for us and each time you amaze everyone. Everyone is still asking about you.
2 down, 1 to go!!!

Susan Galo

ENTRY NUMBER: 331 | 08/05/2014, 8:33 am

Mr Pinto: I was a guest at the wedding in Brampton on the 3rd. You truly were the highlight of the evening and I so totally enjoyed your "magical" talent. I have been listening to your cd since, and continue to be both entertained and in amazement. I cannot remember the last time that I was elevated to such a high in response to a performance. Thank you for sharing your talent and exposing many more people at a venue such as this. A bride never wants to be upstaged, but this definitey came as close possible.

Agnes Vamos

ENTRY NUMBER: 330 | 14/04/2014, 10:35 am

I have seen you perform in Hamilton, Ontario on a food and wine tasting show many years ago. Your performance took my breath away. You have an amazing talent and you have chosen a magnificent instrument to showcase it on. Keep on playing!:-)


ENTRY NUMBER: 329 | 10/04/2014, 9:35 pm

Grenville Pinto you are always there for us. and without fail you always get the crowd going. Thank you!

Annemarie & Luigi

ENTRY NUMBER: 328 | 09/04/2014, 9:34 pm

Hi Grenville, thank you for your fabulous service at our church ceremony. You sounded incredible. Luigi and I loved every minute of it, our priest Father Mario even made a comment about you, he really thought you sounded amazing! You're the best. Best of luck to you with your new song and video and all your work! Be well,

Annemarie and Luigi


ENTRY NUMBER: 327 | 09/04/2014, 9:09 am

You are amazing!! 😀


ENTRY NUMBER: 326 | 04/04/2014, 10:09 am

Was completely blown away by how good Grenville was at the TD Meloche Monnex event the other day. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment that evening Grenville! I just received my CD and am totally overjoy. I will be playing it non stop all weekend! Really nice meeting you as well my friend. Keep playing and keep making us smile!


ENTRY NUMBER: 325 | 10/03/2014, 9:32 pm

Hi Grenville,

It's about an hour before I have to wake up for my flight to Thailand, and I cannot sleep. I just keep on reliving the magical day that Jamie and I just had, and can't believe how wonderful you played. It was just wonderful, you are so talented and made the day so incredibly special. You were the one person I wanted to e-mail before we left on our flight, as we'd be away for a whole month. I am so sorry I did not get to personally thank you, but please know that Jamie and I were so impressed and enjoyed every minute of your performance!

Thanks again.


ENTRY NUMBER: 324 | 06/03/2014, 8:53 pm

Dear Grenville,
I recently heard this heavenly music while doing my water aerobics at St.Joseph's villa. Upon leaving the pool I immediately enquired about the CD that was playing and found out it was yours. Coincidently, I know your sister Christabel from Community theatre that I was involved in. I ordered it and received it within days. I just had to tell you how much I am enjoying it. Each piece becomes my favourite as I am listening. You have such a wonderful selection and variety on this CD. I intend on ordering a few more as gifts for some of my violin-loving friends and family. I hope to paint and meditate while listening . Anyway I just wanted you to know how music I am enjoying listening to you play and congratulate you .

Donna Dobroski


ENTRY NUMBER: 323 | 20/12/2013, 6:41 pm

Hi Grenville,

What a talented and remarkable person you truly are!!!  

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the great job you did at our Christmas party!!!  I’ve been hearing nothing wonderful feedback.  

People are talking about your performance every day – and I’m pretty sure it probably won’t stop. 
What else can I say, but You Rock!!!  Be prepared, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got contacted by any one of our employees. 

From me and now your new friends at APLJ  Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!!!


Francesca Kucman


ENTRY NUMBER: 322 | 09/12/2013, 10:06 pm

Thanks Grenville for a wonderful performance, as always. My boss from Montreal (she came up to greet you and congratulate you – blond lady) was so very much impressed. She said if they have an event in Montreal they would love to have you perform there.

Grey Power


ENTRY NUMBER: 321 | 08/12/2013, 11:07 am

I saw your performance at Eagles Nest and I was amazed. You captivated the entire audience. I've never seen that before. Usually during a live performances people would be walking around, talking to each other, ordering from the bar. None of that happened

Nathaniel Peter Wortner

ENTRY NUMBER: 320 | 19/11/2013, 3:53 pm

I'd like to thank you for not only performing at the North Sylva's dinner on Sunday night, but for playing my most favourite song "Bleed It Out" and for the autograph--hugely appreciated! You did incredible, and my mom has purchased your music for us all to listen to! Thanks again and best of luck to you in the future!

~ Nathaniel Peter Wortner
P.S. We can remember seeing you perform at the NS dinner two years ago! It was terrific! 😀


ENTRY NUMBER: 319 | 04/11/2013, 6:39 pm

Hello Grenville,

I hope you are well,

We just wanted to say, that it was lovely meeting with you on Saturday, and we really enjoyed working with you.
You arrived perfectly on time and were set up within minutes. As always, your performance was very engaging and we loved having you there.

We look forward to working with you in the future,

Farida Pedhiwala
Perfectionista Events Inc.

Laurie LeMaitre

ENTRY NUMBER: 318 | 28/10/2013, 1:08 pm

Once again and amazing performance at the Emma-Rose Gala. Thank you so much. See you in two years.
(Emmas uncle)

Brittney & Dave

ENTRY NUMBER: 317 | 21/10/2013, 8:13 am

Hi Grenville,

I just want to thank you so much for making our day that more special! Everyone thought you were amazing and I have given a few ppl your contact information for the future. So thank you again for everything and when we have another event that needs some amazing talent we will definitely be giving you a call!

Thank you again sooooo much! You're truly amazing~

Brittney and Dave


ENTRY NUMBER: 316 | 19/10/2013, 7:07 pm

just wanted to take a second and thank you so much for performing at our wedding - I cannot tell you how much our family enjoyed it! It was a great addition to our special day

thanks again


ENTRY NUMBER: 315 | 27/09/2013, 8:37 am

Thank you so much for playing at my sisters wedding September 1, 2013. You were absolutely amazing and both families still can't stop talking about it. Thank you so much again and hopefully I will see you perform again! 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER: 314 | 19/09/2013, 9:08 pm

Hi Grenville,

Thank you so much for playing at our event last night. Your performance was awesome - people have been asking me “Where did you find this guy?" 🙂
They enjoyed your performance very much and were impressed with your song choices. Your performance definitely contributed to the success of our event.

It has been a pleasure meeting you and I hope that we will have an opportunity to have you back again.

Best regards,


ENTRY NUMBER: 313 | 11/09/2013, 11:05 pm

Hi Pinto,
Just came back from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you for the great show.  It was a great highlight of the night and everyone is talking about it
The music selection was great and a very good fit for our wedding
Thank you again and take care
Gus Ijam

Bryan B

ENTRY NUMBER: 312 | 07/09/2013, 2:02 pm

I caught your act at the "Taste of the Kingsway" today -- in spite of the rain/drizzle (I was standing to your left, blue jeans and blue hat, white hair).

I thoroughly enjoyed the music and especially your interpretation of some of the more recent tunes out there (Gahnam style). You made that violin sing! I wish you continued success!!

Brett LaGamba

ENTRY NUMBER: 311 | 04/09/2013, 2:47 pm


We attended Peter and Cristina's wedding at Hockley on Monday. WOW, you are fantastic. Love your playing. All night your were being talked about (all good). Great job.

Joanne Gallant

ENTRY NUMBER: 310 | 01/09/2013, 3:38 pm

I attended Franco and Angela Esposto's wedding last night and totally enjoyed your music. You are such a talent and truly turned what was already a fantastic day into a more fantastic day! I will be talking about your spectacular performance for a long, long, time!!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 309 | 21/08/2013, 5:20 am

Dear Grenville,

Sorry this is a bit delayed but the Cioccio family would just like to thank you for helping to make Julia and Stephen's wedding day so memorable. The day after the wedding our daughter-in-law came by and told us that by far you made their day so special. Not only were the guests at our wedding transfixed by you but the officiant, Chris (who we were also blessed to meet) was truly awed! They enjoyed the ceremony, the venues, the food and drink, but overwhelmingly everyone loved how you enhanced this celebration of love.

Every time I have spoken with you or heard you perform, I am always taken with your genuine humility and sincerity. So glad Helder (another wonderful soul!) introduced you to us. You truly are a wonderful gift from God and you use the talent that He has given you to bring joy to others!

Looking forward to listening and watching you perform in the future. Hopefully we can have you back at school sharing your amazing talent and showmanship with the children this year!

Maddi (Cioccio)

Josh Shanahan

ENTRY NUMBER: 308 | 09/08/2013, 7:20 pm


Your violin skills are on par with the ability of Moses to split millions of gallons of water in a lmind bending, wish I understood more about physics because I have no idea how this shit is happening right now kind of way. The Beiber song really did it for me. The moonwalk sealed the deal. For a minute, I seriously asked myself if it was really MJ re incarcerated as the sickest violin player ever. No, it was just Pinto.

Come at me bro.

Jaime & Dave

ENTRY NUMBER: 307 | 05/08/2013, 2:06 pm

Hey G
Thanks again buddy, you made Jaime and my day very memorable and special.
Everybody couldn't stop talking about you. That's pretty impressive considering how many egos were present. Thanks again.
Love, Jaime and Dave.


ENTRY NUMBER: 306 | 02/08/2013, 8:57 pm

Hi Grenville
I meant to message you earlier but I have been too busy with family visitors from Portugal for post-wedding vacation.
I wanted to thank you for your excellent performance during Katrina's wedding. Everyone loved it. You did a great job.
Your CDs have now travelled to Italy where our friends will delight many other people with your music. My sister is also excited to take your cds Portugal
If you ever need an audience count on us, and we would love to get any new future cds if possible
Have a nice summer. Regards,


ENTRY NUMBER: 305 | 29/07/2013, 6:36 pm

Hello, I am the sister of the bride Julia - who's wedding was Saturday July 27th, 2013. I didn't get a chance to thank you for doing such an incredible job! My sisters and I have all studied under the Royal Conservatory of Music and were blown away by your performance. Thank you again for making my sister's day so special.


Andrea & Petro

ENTRY NUMBER: 304 | 25/07/2013, 12:37 pm

Hi Grenville,

Petro and I would like to thank you for such an amazing performance! You were magnificent and made our night extra special! ...

Thanks again! It really was sooo special and all our guest raved about how great you are!

Talk soon,


Donna & Justin

ENTRY NUMBER: 303 | 12/07/2013, 7:49 pm

Hey Grenville,

It's almost exactly a year ago that you serenaded our wedding,
Hope you're doing well. People are still talking about you from our wedding.

Thanks again,

Donna and Justin

Gianni and Rosie

ENTRY NUMBER: 302 | 08/07/2013, 1:39 pm

Hi Grenville Just wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding on June 1, 2013 Our Guests truly loved you. My boss Alan actually booked you for the very next day to play at his house for his wife's bday party. :)) Again thank you very much you are awesome. Gianni and Rosie Lamanna 🙂

Magda & Jason

ENTRY NUMBER: 301 | 04/07/2013, 4:23 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you for the amazing performance at our wedding. It was really what we needed to set the party off! Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks again!
Magda & jason


ENTRY NUMBER: 300 | 15/04/2013, 1:20 pm

Just would like you to know, I saw you at the Food & Drink Fest this past weekend. You have a great talent under your belt. I am a gourmet culinarian and was at the show for business. But had to stop and watch you for about 20min I purchased one of your CD's the compilation. it's beautiful I also put a small plug in for you on my blog. I look forward to ordering another one. I have some upcoming events and will definitely keep you in mind.Great performance my friend great performance.

Melinda Paletta


ENTRY NUMBER: 299 | 05/04/2013, 6:48 pm

Good morning Grenville,

Just a note to say thanks so much for participating in the Celebrity Chef Challenge last evening. Loved the music, the costumes and from the comments I heard from our guests - all very positive.

I'm sure that our paths will cross again soon Grenville. Take care and have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Yolanda - Vision of Hope

ENTRY NUMBER: 298 | 04/03/2013, 4:22 pm

Hi Grenville,

OH MY you know the awesome reviews that I got from your performance? Everyone and I mean everyone loved your performance.
I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU for making my event the talk of the town. They absolutely loved it.

Pat can't get over you playing AC/DC on your violin and behind your legs of all things. I had to email you now because we just popped in the CD that you gave us and I was listening to "Apologize" and your rendition of "Just Dance" is fabulous! You are one talented man! We will definitely have you back one of these years. Pat would love to have you back and he also said it would be nice if we could choreograph a dance to one of your songs. So it would be really cool to have you play and we would dance along. ..I just thought I would write and let you know that all of the people that I spoke to were more than right when they said you weren't good but that you were amazing!

Keep up the great work. I will refer you to any friends that may require your services. My mom absolutely loved you and so did everyone else at the fundraiser. I can't wait to replay the video that Greg took so that Pat and I can enjoy your talent. Thank you so much as well for dedicating the songs that I had requested. I loved when you came to my table to play "Coldplay" and the GNR was awesome and so was the AC/DC. I used to be into rock music back in my younger years then I switched over to dance but now Pat is getting me back into the "right side" and I am slowly getting back into the rock genre. So I was very impressed at what you could do on your violin! Keep up the amazing work! You are definitely AWESOME!

Yolanda Palumbo
Head chairperson
Vision of Hope 2013

Ashley & James

ENTRY NUMBER: 297 | 28/01/2013, 6:38 am

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding.
Everyone commented on how amazing you were. I am only disappointed I could not have heard more!
All the best in 2013!
Ashley & James

Tara & Davide

ENTRY NUMBER: 296 | 28/01/2013, 6:34 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you so much for the incredible show you performed at our wedding. You were able to create such amazing memories for us and we can never thank you enough.
Our guests still talk about our wedding and more specifically you!
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts
All our thanks,
Tara and Davide

Bonnie Grillo

ENTRY NUMBER: 295 | 21/01/2013, 2:16 pm

8-0 Hi Grenville,

My daughters and I were at the Toronto All Wedding this weekend and had the pleasure of watching you perform! You are the most amazing, talented violinist extraordinaire! We could have sat all day listening to you making the most heartfelt music! We will defiantly be booking you for my daughter’s wedding in November 2014.8-0


ENTRY NUMBER: 294 | 05/12/2012, 10:54 am

Hi Grenville!

I had to write you as I didn't get the chance to say hello or thank you at my wedding on Saturday. I'm so sorry I didn't catch you. You played absolutely beautifully and I was so thrilled that I was able to walk down the aisle to that exciting part of Chasing Cars! It was truly an amazing moment for me, and I can't thank you enough for working with me to make it happen. My guests raved about you, and i hear there were quite a few tears during the processional! So thank you so much!


Toronto and Region Conservation

ENTRY NUMBER: 293 | 13/11/2012, 8:26 pm

Hi Grenville,

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the amazing performance at our event last Thursday. All the guests loved your performance and I can't thank you enough.
I'm sure we will work together in future 🙂

All the best,

Sabrina Minnella | Program Manager, Events
Parks and Culture Division
Toronto and Region Conservation


ENTRY NUMBER: 292 | 12/11/2012, 9:50 pm

Hi Grenville

Mark and I wanted to send our sincerest gratitude for the amazing performance at our wedding. Guests were blown away. You balanced the performance - tailoring it to the older and younger crowds. People were left wanting more ... many inquired about your contact information for their own events. Your MJ tribute was unexpected and fabulous.

Once again - thank you.




ENTRY NUMBER: 291 | 27/10/2012, 10:41 pm

:-)Mr. Pinto was enchanted this evening by your grace! You truly are one of akind and your music playing is incredible!!!!!!

Your a super cutie as well!

Cheers , sandra

Kidney Foundation of Canada

ENTRY NUMBER: 290 | 25/10/2012, 11:09 am

Dear Grenville Pinto,
I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your participation in our Fall Fundraiser of Hope 2012 Event.

With your participation, we were able to meet our goal and raise awareness for Kidney Disease and Kidney Donation. Your performance was amazing and are guests were very happy.

It is my pleasure and honour to witness such a talented entertainer. Thank you!


Sabrina Colella
The Kidney Foundation of Canada


ENTRY NUMBER: 289 | 12/10/2012, 9:40 pm

Please tell Mr. Pinto that my family and I were awed by his performance at a gala we attended in November 2011. That's when I first heard him play, and I was determined to have him play at my daughter's wedding. Since she and her fiance set the date only a month ago, I was not able to book Mr. Pinto earlier. However, perhaps when my son gets married some day . . .

Grace Vozza


ENTRY NUMBER: 288 | 28/09/2012, 4:52 am

Good Morning Grenville,

Thanks again for Tuesday. The feedback that is pouring in was that you made that night!

I knew you would be a hit and you were!

Thank you,

Tim Oates
Royal Bank of Canada

Monique - ArcelorMittal Dofasco

ENTRY NUMBER: 287 | 09/09/2012, 10:51 pm

Hi Grenville.
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that your performance was a big hit at our 100th anniversary celebration.
Everyone was “buzzing” about your show the next day. Congratulations!
And thanks very much for contributing to the success of our celebration with our customers.


Rachel & Jamie

ENTRY NUMBER: 286 | 07/09/2012, 9:36 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing time at our wedding where you played at White Oaks resort for 3 hrs. Everyone cant stop talking about your performance!! Was the highlight of the day!


Hope to see you again in the future!


Rachel Smith

Nadia & Adam

ENTRY NUMBER: 285 | 26/08/2012, 8:17 pm


Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!  Grenville you were amazing!!  Everyone went on and on about how incredible you played the violin. Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so memorable:)

Nadia and Adam

Justin & Donna

ENTRY NUMBER: 284 | 10/08/2012, 8:17 am

Hi Grenville;

Just a quick thank you for playing at our wedding on July 13th. Upon returning from our honeymoon this week, we've received raving reviews of your performance. Needless to say but I've distributed your contact info to a number of very interested guests.

Wishing you the best and looking forward to seeing you perform again soon!

Justin & Donna

Ruth & Lorne

ENTRY NUMBER: 283 | 05/08/2012, 9:13 pm

Mr. Grenville Pinto
Musician, Entertainer, Extraordinaire !

Hi Grenville,

Ruth & Lorne - 60th Wedding Anniversary - Saturday, June 16th - Paletta Mansion, Burlington

You came to our attention from The Oakville Conference Centre, our catering service.
Paletta Mansion spoke very highly of you as well.

You exceeded our expectations by playing beautiful music from classical, musical theatre and popular genre along with two great skits - Phantom and Elvis!

You truly made a happy event at a beautiful place even more enjoyable for our 60 guests.

Thanks again and we will be recommending you as an entertainer whenever a suitable occasion comes up.

Good Luck.

Ruth & Lorne Booth


ENTRY NUMBER: 282 | 31/07/2012, 7:05 pm

Mr. Pinto,

Thank you for putting on such a fantatstic show at our wedding. You were totally amazing and had everyone up out of their seats especially when you came out with your Michael Jackson performance. I cannot tell you how many people came up to me saying how amazing you were and that they had never een anything like it. Joe and I are thankful that you were able to make it, coming from such a far distance. You totally made our evening.

Thanks again


ENTRY NUMBER: 281 | 31/07/2012, 8:03 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU!!!! You performed at my wedding this past Saturday at 12am as a surprise for my husband. I am still in awe of the way the evening ended. You completed our wedding day perfectly and I wanted you to know that we are so happy you made it. Thank you for driving to Cambridge to play. You were phenomenal and all the guests that were still there commented on how fantastic you were. I'm pretty sure you blew them away - thence them taping you rather than dancing!!!

I loved EVERY moment of you playing. Thank you again Grenville!!!!! I will never forget my wedding day or how you ended it off perfectly!!!

Take care....and I really hope to see you perform again,


Jag & Sim

ENTRY NUMBER: 280 | 23/07/2012, 3:17 pm

Hello Grenville!

On behalf of my wife and I, we would love to thank you so very much for your performance last night. You were spectacular and the crowd is still at buzz about how wonderful you are!

I sincerely hope that we can see you in the future. Again a heartfelt thank you to you as your performance was definitely one of many highlights in the most important and special day(s) of our lives.

Jag & Sim

Sarah & Mark

ENTRY NUMBER: 279 | 22/07/2012, 7:30 am

Hi Mr Pinto!

Mark and I would just like to say a huge thank you for playing at our wedding last thursday night! You have no idea how many great comments we got about you.. they all loved you, your music but more importantly your presence! We loved that you looked up that coptic song and played it! It added a very special touch! We have given your details to quite a few people too 🙂

We wish you all the best!

Sarah & Mark


ENTRY NUMBER: 278 | 17/07/2012, 8:44 pm

Hi Pinto,
I want to thank you for your wonderful performance at my daughter's wedding. So many of our guests were really impressed with your work and the amazing repertoire you have. I hope you got more business and I really hope to see you again. And by the way, you looked totally handsome and cool.

Thank you again for a very fine job. Congratulations to you for your fine talent and using it so well. Good job!


Lynda Freedman

ENTRY NUMBER: 277 | 30/06/2012, 11:15 am

Dear Grenville
Just wanted to thank you for your part in my magical evening!
My B'Day bash was beyond anything that I could have imagined and everyone had a blast! I was so happy that you were part of the evening; it wouldn't have been the same without you there!

Hope that we get to enjoy you and your music again soon.

p.s. the Birthday loot boxes (which included your CD) were a huge hit

Alicia Delong

ENTRY NUMBER: 276 | 14/06/2012, 12:08 pm

Hey Grenville,

Thank You so much for the amazing performance on june 2 at the Grand Olympia! While you were performing my husband and I were on cloud nine! And our guests have not stopped raving about your wonderful performance!

You are a truly talented and amazing performer!

Thank You,


Fernando Costa Martins

ENTRY NUMBER: 275 | 29/05/2012, 4:14 pm

Dear Grenville,
"CONGRATULATIONS" I simply LOVE your music. You are so highly talented.


ENTRY NUMBER: 274 | 07/05/2012, 7:45 pm

Hello Grenville,

I just wanted to send you a little note to say Thank You for the amazing performance you did on Saturday – what an amazing gift you have!! I have already referred you to 2 other people because I couldn’t stop talking about you….

You are just superb!

Thanks again,

(aka Anna’s sister)

Gus & Cristina

ENTRY NUMBER: 273 | 12/03/2012, 6:50 pm

Hi Grenville,

We want to thank you for your AMAZING performance on Saturday. Everyone was telling us how great you were. So again many thanks for everything and we hope to see you soon.

Gus & Cristina


ENTRY NUMBER: 272 | 07/03/2012, 9:09 pm

Hi Grenville!

I received your cd's today. WOW! I love them. You're amazing. No words can describe how great you play. The CD brings me right back to my wedding reception! You were the highlight of the night!

Thank you so much.

Paul + Pam

ENTRY NUMBER: 271 | 04/01/2012, 8:02 am

mr pinto: we were at the plaza nissan xmas party that you entertained at recently. we had no idea of who you were or what you played but as soon as you began your show i knew you weren't just some 'joe' off the street with a violin playing a gig. i enjoy anyone with a gift to play insturments and i was amazed at your talent and showmanship. the only regret i have is that i did not shake your hand and thank you as you were walking past our table after your amazing set. so, thank you and we look foward to seeing you again!


ENTRY NUMBER: 270 | 04/01/2012, 7:41 am

Hi Grenville,

I wanted to say THANK YOU so so so much for doing Matthew and my wedding in November!!! You did an INCREDIBLE job and I am still getting fantastic comments and feedback.  You definitely are VERY talented and you added the extra class at the wedding.

Thank you SO SO much! You made it so special!!!!

Hope we work together again.



ENTRY NUMBER: 269 | 03/01/2012, 8:21 pm

Good Morning Mr. Pinto,

It was a pleasure meeting you.

On behalf of all of us here at Pearson, we would just like to say thank you for your contribution to our New Year's Eve event being a success.

Your amazing performance and presence gave our guests the classy first impression we were hoping for.

We would like to wish you all the best for the New Year and hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Jodi and the Pearson Family.

Jodi Decambre
Pearson Convention Centre


ENTRY NUMBER: 268 | 02/01/2012, 12:17 pm


I wanted to say how much my family enjoyed your Christmas CD. I put it in my wife’s Christmas stocking. Once unwrapped it went into the stereo player and was listened to for days. Amongst all the other Christmas CD’s we have, I have to tell you yours was played the most.

Thank you for playing a role in what was a very enjoyable Christmas for the Creighton family.



ENTRY NUMBER: 267 | 26/12/2011, 4:42 pm

Hello and Merry Christmas Grenville,

I'm the fellow that videotaped Greg and Franca's wedding. Greg and Franca gave me your Christmas CD as a gift and I love it. I am a violinist myself although I must admit that I have not picked it up in a long while. However, your music inspires me and everyone who has listened to it adores it.

Thanks for sharing your great talent with music lovers everywhere.

Ed Mizzi
Waterdown, ON


ENTRY NUMBER: 266 | 11/12/2011, 9:26 pm

Hello Grenville,

I remember attending the South Asian Alliance Formal two or three years ago with my friends and thinking it would be like all the other boring banquets with the same old DJ music. I remember that you played Unfaithful by Rihanna, if I'm not mistaken, and how I instantly fell in love with your sound. To this day, I only went to the Formals in the hope of hearing you play again, especially since everyone I asked did not know who the 'mysterious violinist' at the banquet was.

Finally, someone did know, and I found myself on your site. I absolutely love your sound, and it's been etched into my memory for these past few years. I hope to hear you play live again!

Regards and wishing you all the best,

Vince Manganaro

ENTRY NUMBER: 265 | 30/11/2011, 7:39 am

Hi Grenville,
I just got your new Christmas CD...

I’ve been listening to it all morning and it has certainly got me in the Christmas spirit.
I LOVE how you’ve infused some of the tradition melodies with a modern twist.
“Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24” is absolutely epic and how did you get the great Andrea Garofalo to sing on “Panis Angelicus”? Simply marvellous!
And to top it off, you’ve strategically added the light favourites, like “Frosty” and “Here Comes Santa” to remind us that life is all about having some fun as well as remembering what the season is really all about.
I can’t wait to play your CD at my next Christmas party during cocktail hour and dinner.
Thanks again and all the best with CD sales.
You’ve always had a loyal fan in me and I’m sure this new CD will only cause your fan base to grow by leaps and bounds.
Best regards and Merry Christmas!
Your friend, Vince Manganaro “DJVinnieVegas”

Kelly Marsh

ENTRY NUMBER: 264 | 24/11/2011, 8:32 am

Dear Mr. Pinto,
On behalf of all McMaster students, I would like to thank you for your generous donation this year.

Your support has had a tremendous impact on our University experience.

Thank you,
Kelly Marsh
Social Sciences ll


ENTRY NUMBER: 263 | 21/11/2011, 8:36 pm

Hey Grenville -

Quick note to say thank you so much for Saturday. Everyone absolutely adored you - wonderful job! You're a star.

All the best,

Rose Boutros

ENTRY NUMBER: 262 | 13/11/2011, 5:06 pm

My husband and I would like to send you a great big thank you for your glorious music you played at our wedding. All of our guests were absolutely stunned at how amazing you were and are still talking about you to this day. The music was just absolutely incredible. Grenville we don't know how to thank you enough. Any other occassions we may have in the future we will be sure to contact you. Thank you once again for such a memorable day and working with us. Steve & Rose Boutros

Ann Dowling

ENTRY NUMBER: 261 | 12/11/2011, 11:03 pm

My Mom (Lena Machado) and our family are huge fans of you. Listened to your new Xmas cd and cannot wait to get it.
I have introduced you to my friends in Calgary.
The Dowlings


ENTRY NUMBER: 260 | 16/10/2011, 6:26 pm

Hi There:

It was a pleasure watching your magic violin at work inside Paradise Banquet Hall August 7. Even Marco was impressed with your music selections. I had to convince several servers that you were for real. However, after watching you perform Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, they had the needed proof.

Hard to believe that it's been 3 years since I've seen your magic at Paramount. My former teammate Sandy was raving about you, saying "You've got to see this guy perform, he's amazing." Sandy definitely knew what she was talking about.

Have a great week. I hope you'll be coming by Paradise very soon. You've got a great gift for entertaining people.

C. J.

rosemary deleo

ENTRY NUMBER: 259 | 26/09/2011, 6:37 pm

Hi Grenville:

I just want to say Thank you for such
a great performance you did at my daugher and future son-in-law engagement party
on Sun Sept. 25, 2011 at the Venetian,
it was truly an amazing and memorable event and a great honor to have you there.The guest truly enjoyed your performance and are still talking about it. Thank you so much!!!!

Clara - Omni Television

ENTRY NUMBER: 258 | 23/09/2011, 8:49 am

Hi, Grenville!
I loved your show yesterday…I really think you were amazing! The fact that you brought in Portuguese and Brazilian themes was also very intelligent!

Forgive me but I talk about you and your last night's presentation to everybody…so, expect some calls or e-mails…
Are you in for Canada's Got Talent? I hope so!...
It was a pleasure to have met you.

Take care,

Clara Abreu


ENTRY NUMBER: 257 | 22/09/2011, 9:39 pm

Thanks for a great performance at my wedding..
For those who haven’t seen you perform before they were astonished!!

Anna & Rafal

ENTRY NUMBER: 256 | 11/09/2011, 10:54 pm

Hi Grenville,

Rafal and I want to thank you soooo very much for performing at our wedding last night at the Liberty Grand. As you probably already know, you absolutely blew everyone away with your performance. We received an overwhelming amount of feedback about you and we're very thankful that we were able to have you as part of our night. The memory of your performance will stay with us forever!

All the best,

Anna & Rafal

P.S>> Thanks for signing our guestbook, it was a nice surprise!! 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER: 255 | 06/09/2011, 12:17 pm

Hi Grenville..i was at the Wais-Angel wedding last weekend and had the pleasure of seeing you play to a spellbound audience. I am sure you have evoked this response before but every one at our table were transported to a different world. You are a genius. Thank you.


ENTRY NUMBER: 254 | 12/08/2011, 5:54 pm

Mr. Grenville,

We enjoyed your performance at the wedding on Aug/7/2011. We are enjoying the CD you gave us. Thank you so much for the entertainment.

Mitchell McDowell

ENTRY NUMBER: 253 | 10/08/2011, 5:05 pm

Hello Mr. Pinto: I saw your performance at a wedding the summer before last at Liuna Gardens, and I thoroughly enjoyed your playing. So much so in fact that I've added your site to my links page. Please have a look when you get the chance...and if you feel like reciprocating that would be great. If not....I'd still like to keep you on my site, if that's okay with you.:-)

Raff & Carmela

ENTRY NUMBER: 252 | 08/08/2011, 6:35 am

We just wanted to take this opportunity for making our ceremony extra special!

Your work is truly amazing and you are an extremely talented person.

Thanks again for sharing this joyous moment with us.

Raff & Carmela Creta


ENTRY NUMBER: 251 | 01/08/2011, 8:52 am

I saw you last night at a wedding and you were truly amazing!

Carly McKinlay

ENTRY NUMBER: 250 | 17/07/2011, 9:51 am

...In my 16 years of working with amazingly talented people with UnReel Hosts, I have never come across anyone more talented than you, by a long shot.

David & Mary Bish

ENTRY NUMBER: 249 | 16/07/2011, 8:12 am

Hi Grenville! An overdue note to say thank you for playing at Matt'S & Adele's. Your music added a great deal of warmth the the ceremony. Sorry we didn't have the opportunity to see you following the service. Wishing you well in the coming years. I noticed someone writing in the guest book wants to marry you. Hey - let's make a deal!! All the best.


ENTRY NUMBER: 248 | 06/07/2011, 10:35 pm

MARRY ME!! omg 8-0

Adele & Matt

ENTRY NUMBER: 247 | 05/07/2011, 7:49 pm

We want to thank you for playing at our wedding on June 11, 2011. Everyone was commenting on how wonderful your music was and how it made the ceremony more pleasant. A few of my family members have stated they want to buy your CD as they loved your music. Thank you again for playing for us, we truly appreciated it.

Adele Inglis & Matt Bish


ENTRY NUMBER: 246 | 13/06/2011, 5:12 am


Dear Grenville,

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible music that you played so beautifully at my daughter's wedding on Saturday.

You have been blessed with a unbelievable talent , and truly a gift from God.

We will be calling you for the next Big “Turner/Tompkins Event", it just might be sooner than you think.

You are the cake and the icing!!!

Thank you so much

Nancy Tompkins (Kelly’s mom)

Kelly & Mark

ENTRY NUMBER: 245 | 12/06/2011, 8:25 pm

Hi Grenville,

Mark and I wanted to say a special thank you again for being part of our Wedding Day yesterday. You were so amazing and the guests just loved you!! We have received so much great feedback about you, as I knew we would.

Grenville, when I thought about our Wedding Day over the past year, I kept picturing going down the aisle to you playing the violin, it was so amazing to actually live that moment. It was everything I imagined and more, which I didn’t think was possible. It was amazing, in my mind I pictured you wearing ivory and you did yesterday!!! ...

All the best to you, you have truly been a pleasure to work with and I know you will continue to be successful and loved by everyone who has a chance to meet you and hear you perform.

Kelly & Mark

Dipesh and Mili

ENTRY NUMBER: 244 | 06/06/2011, 8:59 pm

Hello Grenville,

Hope you are keeping well.

Mili and Myself would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful performance that you gave us at Avani restaurant on May 29th.

You performed beyond expectations and the crowd went nuts. I have people calling me till today still talking about you and how amazing you are. They are all wondering where I found you from.

Overall the guests loved u to bits and we were extremely happy.

Thank you once again for being the best part of our function and hopefully we could use your amazing services again.

Warmest Regards,
Dipesh & Mili


ENTRY NUMBER: 243 | 04/05/2011, 7:37 pm

i love your music when it comes to playing it on the violin =)8-0

Sebastian Carubia (Stereo Love) accordionist

ENTRY NUMBER: 242 | 16/04/2011, 9:30 pm

I saw you perform. You are awesome!!!!
Sebastian Carubia (Stereo Love accordionist)


ENTRY NUMBER: 241 | 16/03/2011, 8:10 am

-just wanted to say how great you are, I've seen you perform at a family wedding and listened to your music throughout my pregnancy, now it's just about the only music that soothes my new born son.



ENTRY NUMBER: 240 | 26/02/2011, 12:32 pm

Hi Grenville,

We worked together at the Chicago Event for Zeze and Ali.

This message is intended for praise! You are so gifted and entertaining! I have never seen or heard anything like that before. In a world where people are so easily distracted with such limited attention spans, you have found a way to captivate and hold that attention. It is so rare to see something so fresh and fun! Thank you for making my day that much more enjoyable!

Best of luck to you and I do hope we get to work together again. (or at least be at another of your events whether or not I am working too).

Kindest Regards,

Marty | Wedding Artist | Blu Couture Wedding FIlms

PS: Zeze gave me one of your CD's this week and it has been in my car ever since - Thunderstruck is AWESOME!

Chicago, IL

Patti & Dave

ENTRY NUMBER: 239 | 25/02/2011, 7:10 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful show you did for us for Michelle and Brent's wedding.. It was the highlight of the dinner. We have been raving about you to all and so many have called as well for your info! We are so happy we were able to have you perform for Michelle and appreciate all you did to get to us after your other engagements.

Best Regards and talk soon...Patti & Dave xoxox


ENTRY NUMBER: 238 | 18/02/2011, 7:57 pm

Hi Grenville, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything on the 5th. We had an amazing ceremony thanks to you! I am sure you heard it a million times, but everyone loved you and people are still talking about you! You truly made it so special for us. I can’t thank you enough.
Thanks again! Hope so much to see you again and listen to your beautiful music when I am less distracted!

Take care, all the best to you,



ENTRY NUMBER: 237 | 06/02/2011, 8:48 pm

Hey Grenville

Thanks ever so much for playing at Gautam and Neeti's Wedding Reception last Saturday.
Needless to say, you are the best. One could go on and on listening to your mesmerizing music.
You really brought magic to our party. My friends just can't stop talking about you.
Your style, your good looks, your attitude and the way you played and moved around amongst the crowd, was just awesome.

Andre Rieu is good but you are even better!!
I hope we will have more opportunities to hear you play again at our functions in the future.

Thanks for the 2 CDs that you gifted to me, I will surely be listening to it and my son, Victor, will be playing it during our parties at home.
Victor and my daughter-in-law, Sonali, also just loved your performance and of course, the bridal couple, too, just adored you.
Your family must be so proud of you !!

Hope you were able to eat and drink something at the party.

Look forward to your performances in the future.

Thanks once again.


Monica Varma

Nick Spina

ENTRY NUMBER: 236 | 27/01/2011, 9:13 am

Grenville, new site looks great. I was listening to the songs on the other page and they sound awesome. I'll never get tired of listening to you play. Your style and talent is irreplaceable, a true artist. You are a leader in your industry, often imitated but never duplicated. Keep up the great work. DTDJs



ENTRY NUMBER: 235 | 24/01/2011, 5:16 pm


Christabel and Sam

ENTRY NUMBER: 234 | 20/01/2011, 12:09 pm

Grenville, you never stop amazing us with your talent. We are so proud of you! Love, Christabel, Sam, Kambria and Crispin xoxo

Jenny Petrou

ENTRY NUMBER: 233 | 10/01/2011, 6:23 pm

Dear Grenville,
Thank you for the most wonderful performance at our annual tea fundraiser. Every person loved it!

Certainly you are an amazing and talented individual and your warmth and kindness was definitely communicated to our many program participants with special needs who attended. Thank you again.

Jenny Petrou
Hellenic Hope Center


ENTRY NUMBER: 232 | 10/01/2011, 4:35 pm


I seen you at a wedding last summer and I can't help but keep looking on your website and listening to your music. You did an amazing job. I was hoping you could do my wedding this summer but you are booked up. Hope to see u again one day. Absolutely amazing.


Ashley & Richard

ENTRY NUMBER: 231 | 27/12/2010, 7:36 am

Dear Grenville,
What do we even say? There is not a single person that possesses the talent that you do with strings.
To this day our guests do not stop talking about you!

Your ability to entertain every person out there is what makes you truly unique.
Thank you for making our day our dream day.
With Love,
Ashley and Richard


ENTRY NUMBER: 230 | 07/12/2010, 4:26 pm

Dear Grenville,

I am running out of adjectives each time we have you among us to refer to your amazing talent and mesmerizing entertainment ability! What can I say, were the King of Violin and you own the stage every minute and we are grateful! You made this beautiful evening and the Holiday cheer so special!
Ana and I can speak on behalf of the boss and all guests that your magic had and will have a lasting impression.
Thank you, have a wonderful holiday season and we will see you again, I am very, very interested to work together on a piece for next year and some passo dobles

Big hug from Ana and myself



ENTRY NUMBER: 229 | 27/11/2010, 8:03 am

I went to a Christmas party last night and Grenville was performing there, great show, loved every second. Keep up the great work.:-):-)


ENTRY NUMBER: 228 | 25/11/2010, 7:02 pm

Saw you preform at our elementary school today.Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show. And from the response of almost 400 4 to 14 year olds (not an easy audience) I'd say they were very impressed with you as well.You are a very talented artist.

Thank you for making this an exciting day for all staff and students.

Alex & Sandra

ENTRY NUMBER: 227 | 23/11/2010, 1:13 pm

Grenville - we cannot thank you enough for making out ceremony so beautiful. You were amazing!! Thank you again!!

Words cannot describe the emotion we felt when we heard you play. The venue and your music were a perfect match.

Alex and Sandra

Peggy & Mike

ENTRY NUMBER: 226 | 14/11/2010, 8:05 am

Our dearest Grenville:
On July 25th, we were lucky enough to exchange our wedding vows on a perfect weather day with perfect music.
Looking back, the wedding was simple and unique at the same time - exactly how we wanted our marriage to start.
Grenville - having you play at our wedding was so important to me. You were 100% the highlight of the day and I will always remember listening to you as I walked down the aisle. Thank you for being who you are.
Married life is good and we have never been happier.
Peggy & Mike


ENTRY NUMBER: 225 | 01/11/2010, 5:21 pm

Dear Grenville,
I just wanted to express my thanks to you for an outstanding performance - all evening!

You really added ambience and showmanship to our event, helping it to be a raging success. I especially appreciate you staying past our agreed upon time to allow those late partiers to continue enjoying themselves!

Thank you again - I hope we can work together again in the future!

Amy Cochrane
Adult Program Staff Liaison


ENTRY NUMBER: 224 | 29/10/2010, 3:17 pm

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to personally Thank you for your performance this past Saturday at my brother & sister-in-law's wedding at The Venetian (October 23rd). You truly have a gift and your prescence only added to a remarkable evening. It is so obvious as to why you are in such demand!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 223 | 06/10/2010, 8:15 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to say thanks again for selling me your amazing Compilation CD. I used your cover of Canon in D for my bridesmaids march and What a Wonderful World during my wedding ceremony when I walked down the aisle (this past Saturday).

You are very talented and I thank you again for sharing your music!! Those songs will always bring back beautiful memories..thanks so much!

Warm Regards,


ENTRY NUMBER: 222 | 06/10/2010, 11:08 am

Hi Grenville,

Just wanted to thank you again for making our party a hit - Our guests were blown away !!!

I have been replaying your cd's in my home and car, thank God for them because I was trying to think of how I can bring you and your violin home with me !!

Keep making beautiful music you are a true Gem!



ENTRY NUMBER: 221 | 29/09/2010, 5:01 am

Hi Grenville,

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for one of the most amazing experiences ever at the Wedding on Saturday.

I am still mesmerized by your playing and how you have captured the old and new and transformed it into something totally your own. Your showmanship and charisma are extraordinary!!!

I am already highlighting you to our Vaughan Hospital Gala Committee. We are also building our Arts and Entertainment sector in Vaughan and you are top of mind for some future events.

Thank you again and we will be chatting soon.

Lorena Marcucci
Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC)

Beth & Al Sutton

ENTRY NUMBER: 220 | 13/09/2010, 8:36 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you so much for the outstanding performance you gave at my daughter's wedding. Your diversity in playing all genres of music is amazing. Laurie and Liam's wedding guests are still talking about you a month later. Her wedding will be remembered for the 'violinist in the blue tux'! As one guest said, "Everybody was let down when it was over".

The photographer took some great pictures too. You are probably in more wedding albums than you ever imagined!

Laurie and Liam are still away on their honeymoon and we didn't want to wait any longer to say thank you. You have an incredible talent that makes the whole room come alive! You made our daughter's wedding perfect. Thank you very much.

Beth & Al Sutton
Laurie and Liam McCavanagh


ENTRY NUMBER: 219 | 13/09/2010, 8:15 am a ONE-MAN ROCK CONCERT!!!!!!!!!! :-B

Dong & Jess

ENTRY NUMBER: 218 | 05/09/2010, 7:59 pm

Hi Grenville,

I don't think we'll ever be able to thank you enough for making our engagement such an incredible night. It means a lot to us to actually have you here to play for us. Our guests (along with us of course) were extremely amazed and delighted by your performance.

We really hoped you had a pleasant stay in Winnipeg, and for sure this will not be the last time we see you. We really can't wait till that "next time".

All the best,

Dong & Jess

Andrea & David

ENTRY NUMBER: 217 | 30/08/2010, 1:27 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to write a quick Thank You for last night! All of our guests were so impressed by your talent! You did an AMAZING job, and David and I are so pleased that you were able to play for us! It really made the night! We will never forget it!! I hope you had a great time as well, and, who knows, perhaps we will get to see you again soon! Thanks again!

Take Care,
Andrea Morana & David Smith

Catia Goncalves

ENTRY NUMBER: 216 | 20/08/2010, 12:10 pm

Grenville, what an amazing job you did at our the wedding..our guest are still talking about your performance. You truly are worth every penny.. Great job!!:-D


Peggy Cernick

ENTRY NUMBER: 215 | 03/08/2010, 5:22 am

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making my wedding on July 25th simply outstanding. At the end of the day, all of our guests could not stop talking about what a star you are and how lucky we were to have you there to celebrate with us. As you know, I am amazed by your talent and cannot say enough about you and your performance. As a wedding planner myself, you know that I will be spreading the word about the uniqueness of your craft. Thank you Grenville - we will never forget how you made our day PERFECT!
Peggy & Mike Cernick

Paul Lemire

ENTRY NUMBER: 214 | 03/07/2010, 5:27 pm

Hey Grenville:

Congratulations on a great job at the Fortino wedding. I have been to a lot of weddings and your tremendous talent coupled with your ability to touch the crowd made this wedding one of the best ever. Thanks for taking the time to play the theme from the Godfather out in the parking lot - it was a great touch for everyone. All the best to you in the future - everyone should have a chance to see you at work.


ENTRY NUMBER: 213 | 30/06/2010, 2:31 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to drop a note to express our sincere thanks and gratitude on an outstanding performance Saturday. Please accept my apologies for not personally thanking you that evening.

Our family and friends are still raving about how much they enjoyed you. They were amazed on the diversity of song selections you played and can't stop talking about it.

Dancing the tango with my father at my daughter's wedding will forever be a memorable moment for Kristina and I - thank you. But your Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" was certainly the highlight for me!

Thank you again and I look forward to booking your services again in the near future.

From your Number 1 Fan's mother!

Anna Winkler


ENTRY NUMBER: 212 | 20/06/2010, 8:16 am

Hi Grenville -

Re : Jarema, Lee wedding on June 18th at Liberty Grand

I just wanted to thank you for the magical hour of music that you provided for us. Our guests were all praising you.

You made my son's wedding even more special!!

I have 2 more unmarried kids, so if they get married, I will know who to call!

Thank you again, so very much.
Jane Jarema


ENTRY NUMBER: 211 | 27/05/2010, 5:01 am


Thanks so much for a fabulous performance on Saturday night. Chris (and everyone else) were completely blown away by you! I think a lot of people were skeptical when they heard I had hired a violinist but they had no doubts after they heard the first song.

Thanks again for making Chris' evening a very special and memorable one.

We definitely hope to see you again.



ENTRY NUMBER: 210 | 17/05/2010, 8:27 am

Good Morning Grenville,

Hope all is well. I wanted to thank you for the excellent performance you put on for Maya, Fadi, Martin, Randy and all their family and friends.
Everyone loved your show. Your interaction with everyone was great and appreciated by all.

Have a great day!

Sabrina Bordone

ENTRY NUMBER: 209 | 05/05/2010, 8:06 am


What can I say? You were a HIT at my bridal shower...all of the ladies LOVED you. I am so happy that we were able to have you. I would recommend you hands down. I wish you nothing but continued success in the future.

Sabrina Bordone 🙂

Louie & Lisa-Marie

ENTRY NUMBER: 208 | 23/04/2010, 7:37 am

Dear Grenville,
Without a doubt, you have a wonderful gift that you continue to share each and every day. Your creativity is undeniable! We continue to hear from family and friends about how amazing you were!
You make that violin come alive and we will continue to recommend you to everyone.
You have a special gift!
Louie and Lisa-Marie Lamanna

Tonya & Izet

ENTRY NUMBER: 207 | 22/04/2010, 2:58 pm

Hi Grenville,

As I am making dinner like a good wife and listening to the CD you gave us on our wedding day I just wanted to say thank you so much for making our ceremony so beautiful. A CD wouldn't have had even made a slight comparison to your live performance.

Thanks again...and even though you are so well known you can always rely on me spreading the word about my experience which was nothing short of incredible,

Tonya & Izet


ENTRY NUMBER: 206 | 08/04/2010, 4:03 pm

Hello Grenville....
My name is Brandon, I am a banquet manager at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel and I was overseeing the wedding you performed at on Saturday April 3rd. I was hoping to catch you and I did not get a chance, I wanted to inform you that I really enjoyed your performance and also wanted to tell you that you are one of the MOST talented violin players I have ever seen, I myself have played alto sax for 13 years... It was extremely hard to keep focused on my work when you were playing. ...
Take care of yourself and keep the music alive Grenville.

It was an absolute pleasure listening to you my friend and I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet you.

I will give your name and website info to my Hotel GM and Sales Director as well, so maybe we can get you in here for future events. If you have any questions or small sales packages you can send them attention to me and I will get them in the right hands.
Again Grenville,
Thank you

Brandon Arrigo
Assistant Banquet Manager
The Westin Harbor Castle
Toronto, ON

Sue Davidson

ENTRY NUMBER: 205 | 07/04/2010, 3:08 pm

Hi Grenville:

Many thanks for entertaining us with your wonderful violin music at the 4th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge fundraising event on April 1st at the Mississauga Golf and Country Club. Your musical talent, exuberance and engaging manner were very much appreciated and added so much to the enjoyment and the success of the evening. It goes without saying the appreciation of your versatile musical talent extended to a call to the podium - a real endorsement of how much everyone enjoyed your playing. Thank you for being so gracious in agreeing to entertain everyone beyond your contract.

I hope you had a good time and thank you again for adding so much to the success of the Celebrity Chef Challenge fundraising event.

Warmest regards,
Sue Davidson
Executive Director
Victim Services of Peel


ENTRY NUMBER: 204 | 25/03/2010, 11:53 am

wonderful just wonderful

Anthony & Antonia

ENTRY NUMBER: 203 | 24/03/2010, 5:50 am

Hey Grenville how are u, Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful performance at our wedding. It was amazing and our guests are still talking about it. You really made our wedding amazing and complete. Thank you again and I'm sure we will be using again.
Anthony & Antonia


ENTRY NUMBER: 202 | 10/03/2010, 9:53 pm

Mr Pinto, its Phil (visionsbydavid's friend). Keep up the good work and remember in several years I want you at my wedding! best, Phil


ENTRY NUMBER: 201 | 02/03/2010, 5:24 pm

Dear Mr. Pinto,
I have only just been introduced to your wonderful music. It really lifts the spirit and makes the days happier.
You are truly a gifted musician. I would certainly recommend you to grace any kind of occasion, happy or sad.
Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.
Shirley Y


ENTRY NUMBER: 200 | 01/03/2010, 8:13 pm

Good evening!

I just wanted to stop in and say that I look forward to your new CD! I was going through my CD pile and came across your first one, and popped it in again - I was at the firefighter's award ceremony with my father sometime last year and was able to meet you and pick it up.

You continue to astound me with your beautiful playing, and you are an amazing performer, particularly talented at getting the audience involved. I know I loved the last performance, and I hope to see you somewhere around the greater TO area later in the future.

Best wishes!


ENTRY NUMBER: 199 | 01/03/2010, 1:13 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Philip and myself for the outstanding entertainment you provided for us and our guests on Feb. 20th 2010 at Philip's 40th birthday party. We were all absolutely blown away. My guests all tried to challenge you with some of their crazy requests and you never failed to impress!

As you know, the only request that Phil had as far as planning for his party was that I hire you to perform. He had a blast!

Thank you again, for helping make Phil's 40th a night that everyone in attendance will not forget for a very long time! I've already been asked by a number of guests for your contact number.

Looking forward to hearing you play again in the near future.



ENTRY NUMBER: 198 | 25/02/2010, 4:55 pm

Hey Grenville!!
I saw you today for the first time at my school Guardian Angels and you were amazing!!! Thank you so much for the great performance!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 197 | 25/02/2010, 2:48 pm

heyy u came 2 my school (guardian angels) and it was awsome.
u rock!:-)


ENTRY NUMBER: 196 | 25/02/2010, 2:23 pm

Hey Grenville 🙂
You came to my school (Guardian Angels) for the second time today, and it was awesome! You made our day and it was cool that you played songs we all know and like! Best part, you said our school rocks haha (:
You're the best
Too bad I'm in highschool next year.
Maybe you should come for our graduation in June! 😀 & come to our highschool Bishop Reding it would be nice to see you every year
anyways I should end this message.
Alright thanks again for your talent bye :]


ENTRY NUMBER: 195 | 14/01/2010, 8:04 pm

Happy New Year Grenville,
I received your CD the 1st week of January and ALL I CAN SAY is it's wonderful,
I listen when I'm getting dinner ready.... washing the dishes and now when I'm driving........ Thank-you!!! it makes chores enjoyable to do, and driving more peaceful and relaxing.


ENTRY NUMBER: 194 | 30/12/2009, 4:02 pm

Hi Grenville Pinto
i really enjoyed it when you came to guardian angels school and tryed out the song let it rock for the very first time!! i was blown away when i saw the excitment traveling through the grades 5-7. everyone including me thought that playing a violin was totally boring. however you proved all of us wrong!! thank you for showing my school that there is more to a violin than classical music!!!!!:-)

-from a big fan

Lydia Lemus (nee McMullen)

ENTRY NUMBER: 193 | 17/12/2009, 1:06 pm

Hi Grenville - I saw you on Facebook and came to your website to say hello. Congratulations on your success! We're lucky to have your beautiful playing on our Christmas CD!


ENTRY NUMBER: 192 | 10/12/2009, 7:39 pm

hello grenville.
Today I saw you at my school, Gulfsream. I am in grade 8. You were amazing,and I never knew you could play all these songs on the violin! I have always loved violins, and now I love them even more! Thanks so so much for visiting!!!8-0


ENTRY NUMBER: 191 | 25/11/2009, 9:54 am

Dear Grenville

I seen you last sat morning at the air canada cnetre before the leafs practice game. Just wanted to say you where so AWESOME i recorded you and posted the video on my facebook and a friend of mine said she saw you at the wedding show and gave me ur website. i thought that was funny cause i said after that i wouldnt mind u at my weddin when i get married soo i am keeping you in mind forsure...very good

if you want the video i can send it to just email me



ENTRY NUMBER: 190 | 19/11/2009, 10:47 am

I saw mr. pinto perform in my friend's wedding and wow, we all loved his style. Extremely classy, 1 of a kind. We liked him so much that will most likely hire him for our wedding next year. Highly recommended !!

Sabrina Prodger

ENTRY NUMBER: 189 | 19/11/2009, 9:28 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you for being part of our annual Soiree. The guests loved your performance and I heard wonderful comments all night.

We raised over $120,000 from the Soiree this year.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you next year!

Sabrina Prodger
Heart House Hospice

Christine & George

ENTRY NUMBER: 188 | 19/11/2009, 9:22 am

Dear Grenville,
Words cannot express how happy we were of your awesome services!
Your talent touched people's hearts, especially ours. You chose songs that pleased all.

Thank you for making our day so special!
-Christine & George

Gabriel & Carla

ENTRY NUMBER: 187 | 19/11/2009, 9:15 am

Hi Grenville!

Carla and I just wanted to extend our sincerest thank-yous for playing at our ceremony a few weeks ago. Thanks for taking the time to play for us and squeezing us in on Saturday.

Our guests are still telling us how we had a great of a violinist at our church ceremony!

Thanks again man. You're awesome!

Talk to you soon,

Gabriel and Carla

Jane Lee

ENTRY NUMBER: 186 | 13/11/2009, 2:10 pm

Hello Grenville!

Once again, a great BIG Thank You for coming to perform for us.
You were a HIT!

You made everyone very, very, very, very, VERY Happy!

I'll make sure Shanas and the others pick you out for their next events.

Thanks for the CD. I love all the numbers you played. My favorite : quite a few really: Sting's and The Theme from The Mission.

All the very best in the future, Grenville.
I'll continue to refer your talents.
Your positive energy, your creativity and sincere enthusiasm was felt by all.


Sara & David

ENTRY NUMBER: 185 | 09/11/2009, 11:09 am

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you again for your wonderful performance. About 98% of the guests had never seen you perform before and they thought that you were absolutely amazing and a great touch to our wedding. Thank you again and stay in touch.

Sara & David

Vanessa and Rob

ENTRY NUMBER: 184 | 09/11/2009, 9:03 am

Hello Grenville,

This message is long overdue. Rob and I wanted to to thank you for such an amazing 'show' at our wedding this past August (28th). We have loads of pictures coming in with you playing and will be sending them across to you very soon.

Thank you once again Grenville. You have such amazing talent!!!

Vanessa and Rob

Shaffin and Farah

ENTRY NUMBER: 183 | 28/10/2009, 5:20 pm

Bro---u were amazing at my reception! a blast! everyone loved you. sensational!

thanks so much for making my big day so memorable...please keep in touch

take care

shaffin and farah

Nadia & James

ENTRY NUMBER: 182 | 28/10/2009, 5:17 pm

Dear Grenville,
Words cannot express how amazing it was to have the church doors open and walk down the aisle to your gorgeous music. Having you share your greatest gift of music with us on our wedding day, truly made it that much more special.
Thank you so much.
Nadia and James LeBlanc

John & Jacky

ENTRY NUMBER: 181 | 22/09/2009, 3:25 pm

Good Afternoon Grenville:

Now that our overseas visitors have left, we wanted to write and thank you for making Lisa & Jeff's Wedding Day so special. Your musical talents left us breathless and we had so many compliments of your outstanding ability to make each and every piece of music your very own and so extra special.

You came with great recommendations which were exceeded far beyond our expectations. We only hope that can see you again in the not too distant future.

Thank you.
John & Jacky Beartup

Jacqueline & Marshall

ENTRY NUMBER: 180 | 22/09/2009, 8:06 am

Grenville, I have to give you the feedback from your entertainment on Friday.

Words can not give you enough accolades for the outstanding performance that amazed our family and friends.

I hope your cards were well distributed and we hope that we can enjoy your music in the very near future for other events.

Thanks for the CD. We love it. 8-0

See you soon I am certain.

Jacqueline & Marshall

Colleen & Chris

ENTRY NUMBER: 179 | 14/09/2009, 6:01 pm

Hi Grenville,

We just wanted to thank you again for making our wedding day on August 21, 2009 extra special. You were amazing at our ceremony and you rocked our reception! Our guests were blown away by your energy and talent. We were very honoured to have you. Hopefully we will see you again soon at another wedding, this time as guests. :-):-)
We wish you continued success with endless referrals from both of us.

Thanks again,

Colleen & Chris Grenier


ENTRY NUMBER: 178 | 08/09/2009, 4:25 pm

Hi Mr. Pinto,
I know you don't know me but you played at my cousin's wedding on Saturday and I thought you were absolutely amazing. When people asked me how the wedding went, you're the first part that came to mind :-).

Anyway, again, just wanted to say that you're memorable and talented and i'm so happy I was a guest and had the chance to see you live!

Thank you.



ENTRY NUMBER: 177 | 02/09/2009, 8:38 pm

As a wedding planner for the last 10 years, with 500 weddings under my belt, I can honestly say that Grenville is the most unique, awe-inspiring musician that I have ever seen. His passion for music is clearly evident in the variety of styles that he performs. I was most impressed by the way that he interacts with the wedding guests and involves everyone in his show. I would highly recommend Grenville for any event that you are planning - it would certainly be one that your guests or clients would remember.

Thank you for inspiring me. I myself planned on eloping until I met Grenville and now know that he would be an amazing way to celebrate such a special day!
Peggy Burnett
Special Events Manager, Prince of Wales Hotel

Bil Trainor

ENTRY NUMBER: 176 | 31/08/2009, 7:29 pm

Dear Grenville,
It was a great pleasure to see you again after several years at Greg and Franca's wedding. It was a splendid afternoon, made even more memorable by your extraordinary playing. What a wonderful playing style you have, great presence and personality, the perfect combination for such an event. I can certainly understand why you already have bookings into 2011.

I really am pleased to see how successful you've become, you really deserve to be. I can say from experience, that nobody worked harder or is more professional that you.

Stella and I were delighted to be there to hear your wonderful performance and to witness the obvious happiness that the newlyweds are sharing.

And thanks for the CD, we enjoyed it very much on the drive home.

Bil Trainor
Unionville, ON.


ENTRY NUMBER: 175 | 19/08/2009, 5:01 pm


Mayada Almeida

ENTRY NUMBER: 174 | 19/08/2009, 1:08 pm

Hi Grenville!

Just wanted to thank you again for squeezing in time on Saturday night for my sister Mason's wedding at MCC. They were so surprised! We got them good and again you were the talk of the wedding! You never disappoint and you only seem to get better ever time I see you!

Your the best and we look forward to you next wedding appearence cause I know I'll see you at an upcoming one for sure!!!!

Continued Success,

Mayada Almeida

Rowan Noronha

ENTRY NUMBER: 173 | 11/08/2009, 9:50 am

Caught your charismatic performance @ Pradeep & Jyothi's wedding. Wow! A fusion of music genres carried out on an age-old instrument. Your style and delivery transcends culture & age.
Will definitely be in touch for future corporate events.


ENTRY NUMBER: 172 | 02/08/2009, 11:05 am


I just happened to come across a video on facebook of you performing The Phantom of the Opera at a wedding.. and I was completely awestruck!! I just wanted to write to say that you are unbelievably talented and I have completely fallen in love with your style and music!!! 🙂 I know that when one works hard to acquire the amazing skill and talent you have, it never gets old to hear from people who can honestly appreciate it!! Keep up the great work, I look forward to hearing more music and I will be sure to sing as many praises around here for you as possible!!!


Lisa Magaro

Linzi & Adam

ENTRY NUMBER: 171 | 27/07/2009, 8:04 am

I am sorry I did not get a chance to personally thank you yesterday. Your music was absolutely beautiful and made our ceremony unforgettable. All of our guests were blown away by your talent and charisma, and we will highly recommend you to our family and friends. Thank you once again and all the best.

Linzi & Adam Tardif

Lori & Michael

ENTRY NUMBER: 170 | 22/07/2009, 8:15 pm

Thank you so much for putting on an amazing performance at our July 11th wedding. Our guests have not stopped raving about you! You had everyone captivated with your performance and we loved every minute of it. You gave us so many memories: Playing "Mama Mia" to my mom; Michael's grandmother singing along with you as you played to her; my dad and bridesmaids dancing to "Ring of Fire"; and playing "Devil Went Down to Georgia" while my Albertan bridesmaid and I danced an impromptu country jig are just a few of the many highlights. Thank you so much for being so personable and passionate. I am so glad that I happened to see you play at a wedding show I was never supposed to be at in the first place - otherwise, I would have missed out on this amazing experience. Thank you so much for making our wedding a day to remember!

Lori and Michael Collins


ENTRY NUMBER: 169 | 20/07/2009, 10:47 am

Hi Grenville.
Just wanted to say that it was my pleasure meeting you yesterday. You are an amazing performer and the ladies really enjoyed the entertainment at the bridal shower. Thank you so much for your performance. It was the icing on the cake.


ENTRY NUMBER: 168 | 14/07/2009, 7:49 am

Hi Grenville,
I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing your enchanting performance last night at Jag and Shalini's wedding in Brampton. You are truly amazing. I was telling a few of my friends today that your performance was the highlight of the evening. I was the "Lady in Red" ..... and thank you for playing that beautiful song. I have e-mailed your website to all my friends.

I was wondering how far out are you booking events? I might just have to get married so that we can experience your beautiful music again 🙂 Listening to you play the Cannon D ... wow ... God has blessed you with this amazing talent and how lucky are we to have you in Toronto.

Thank you so very much,

Leonor & Mark 07.10.09

ENTRY NUMBER: 167 | 12/07/2009, 9:40 pm

What a night! You were a hit, my friend! Mark and I can't say enough how grateful to you we are. I still remember the day, when Mark and I were planning our big day and I said to him that we needed a musician to perform for our ceremony. He said that he had an old friend that was amazing with the violin. Well, when he said you were amazing, that was an understatement. The first time I met you at your place you blew me away. I have never heard the violin played live like that the way you did, incorporating the latest R&B, hip hop, pop, rock, etc on the strings! I couldn't wait to share you with all our family and friends. You were our special gift to them. You were sensational. Our families and friends can't stop raving how much they enjoyed your performance. So, Mark and I just want to share our sincere thanks to everyone that comes across this board. Let me just say that people would be crazy to pass you up as their entertainment! We love you, man!


ENTRY NUMBER: 166 | 11/07/2009, 12:43 pm

I had the pleasure of witnessing a magnificent performance by Mr. Pinto at Leonor and Mark's wedding last night. His gift of music is beyond words...he fiddled endlessly so effortlessly, making it look so easy through out the evening....It moved me...didn't realized I closed my eyes until I a friend gave me a nudge thinking I fell asleep as I was nurturing a headache. Barely, I thought to myself..I was at some place, without the other 200 guests around me...where my soul was being serenated by Mr. Pinto's sublime rendition of The Phantom of the head started feeling better as I started filling it with music...
It was an honor for me to be able to rest my fingers on the same bow and strike a note or two upon his was very humbling, thank you very much!
Needless to say...Mr.Pinto's music made the occassion even more only complain was...the evening was too short...

Hoping our paths will cross again..

Anne Sophie
(alias given by my violin teacher)
a.k.a. Lady in Red

Tara & Michael Hunter

ENTRY NUMBER: 165 | 05/07/2009, 9:35 am

Grenville.... All I can say is Breath Taking!!.. Just came in from our cousin Stef and Danny's wedding on July 4th... and the first thing we had to do was look you up on the net.... your talent is amazing.. and you definetly made the reception one that will be remembered forever... keep on putting music in peoples hearts and smiles on their faces... Thanks!!;-)

Lillian Morabito

ENTRY NUMBER: 164 | 03/07/2009, 11:14 pm

I just came home from the Bambara Kouklas wedding in Niagara FAlls on July 03, 2009. I couldn't wait to look you up on internet. I couldn't wait to let you know just how AMAZING we all thought you were. I am sure that everyone will be going home tonight saying the food was good, the bride looked amazing but I just have to tell you about the performances by GRENVILLE PINTO!!!

Stupendous, Amazing, and TRULY ENTERTAINING. ""MAGNIFICENT!!""

Everyone; from the very young to the very old, were dancing in their seats. The only way I can describe your performance tonight was Elegance and sophistication meets jaw-dropping entertainment!!

I hope I have the opportunity to see you perform again in the very near future.

Shawn & Sara Sims

ENTRY NUMBER: 163 | 02/07/2009, 6:12 pm

Thank you Grenville for the amazing performance last evening. You are truly the most talented person I know. Its was a honor having you at our wedding and performing. All our guests were so impressed as well as myself and Sara. You made our wedding that much more special...
Thanks you again for everything.

Your friends, Shawn and Sara Sims

Sandra Iaboni

ENTRY NUMBER: 162 | 20/06/2009, 7:52 pm

Lovely performance at my friend's wedding on saturday june 13th. Absolutely amazing. I know who to call next time I need an outstanding violinist. Great job keep up the good work!

Margaret High

ENTRY NUMBER: 161 | 15/06/2009, 11:38 am

you took our breath away, you left us in awe . I am the Mother of the Groom of the wedding you played at on Saturday June 13th . you had everyone eating out of the palm of your hands .
you made the reception the most memorable wedding reception that I ever seen . thank you so much

Tiziana & Enzo

ENTRY NUMBER: 160 | 09/06/2009, 2:03 pm

Enzo and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing job you did the night of our wedding (Saturday May 2nd). People cannot stop talking about how amazing you were and I can do nothing but agree with them. To this day whether I am looking at the pictures from our wedding or listening to your CD I get goosebumps and remember how special you made our night. We truly appreciate the great job you do. Thank You!

Yours Truly,
Tiziana and Enzo

Karen & Randy

ENTRY NUMBER: 159 | 17/05/2009, 5:52 am

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to extend a very big thank you for coming out to my dad's 75th birthday party on May 2nd. Your performance was absolutely amazing. You gave many of us goose bumps and brought emotions to the surface with your incredible gift. You made the evening classy, memorable and very, very special. Everyone, especially my dad, was singing your praises long after the evening ended.

I'm sure we will see you sometime in the future; either at someone else's function, or another one of ours.

Take care, Grenville.

Karen & Randy

Grace Z.

ENTRY NUMBER: 158 | 10/05/2009, 2:49 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such and AMAZING job at my sister's wedding this past Saturday May 9, 2009.
You are absolutely incredible!!!
Could I hire you to follow me around my house while I do my daily chores?...LOL...
I could definitely get used to that!!!

Hope to see you again soon!

Jacob & Caroline

ENTRY NUMBER: 157 | 04/05/2009, 1:12 pm

Dear Grenville,
Thanks you SO much for playing at our wedding.

I don't think we'll ever be able to thank you enough for making our special night this magical. People who attended our wedding are still talking about you.

You really made our night a very memorable one by your true, warm spirit and remarkable talent. Thank you.
Lots of Love,
Jacob and Caroline
July 13, 2008


ENTRY NUMBER: 156 | 04/05/2009, 10:33 am

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to thank you again for making Adrian and Tiffany's wedding so special.

We have had so many compliments on the wedding and part of that is down to your incredible talent. I wish I could have had more time to enjoy your playing, but being mother of the groom I was sort of kept busy.

I'm hoping to attend another function where you might be performing.
So once again, thank you, thank you!



ENTRY NUMBER: 155 | 29/04/2009, 6:29 am

Nicely done this AM on Breakfast Television! Phenomenal!


ENTRY NUMBER: 154 | 29/04/2009, 6:05 am

Amazing job on Breakfast TV this morning!

Ashley Gordon

ENTRY NUMBER: 153 | 25/04/2009, 6:40 am

OMG when Grenville Pinto came to Gardian Angels he played a song he never played before that song is Let it Rock.:-D It totally Rocked. there was flashing lights and the stuff that he plays is too cool! He did circus viva la vida and plenty more! I wish he would come back this year(2009)!he said the violin is not just classical music, it can be funky, rock, hip-hop, pop, and again lots more! GRENVILLE PINTO ROCKS

Andre B.

ENTRY NUMBER: 152 | 25/02/2009, 11:21 am

Wasap Grenville! I loved the utterly amazing music presentation you brought to our school the other day, you transformed Guardian Angels School into a ... violin nightclub, hehe. Loved watching your presentation not only because your played so very well, but the fact that you used your violin to play different popular songs of today but how you showed that classical instruments cannot only be used to play songs of the same genre. I have a song suggestion too, from the fact that I've been seeing you using a bit of the plucking on your violin, I think you would play great if you tried playing the song "I write Sins not Tragedies" by Panic at the Disco. You would really make a good intro to the song. One question though, do you learn songs on the violin by ear? Seems like you do hehe.

Keep up the amazing work!
- Andre


ENTRY NUMBER: 151 | 19/02/2009, 1:34 pm

Hey Grenville,
I loved your performance today at my school 🙂 it was outstanding. The way you brought other characters into the performance was amazing. You have really inspired me too keep my musical backround forever and go far with it. By the way, i am a student in grade 7, and on the poster of you today i noteced a site, so i decided to check it out. Anyways, you are probobly very busy so i just wanted to say, fantastic job today, i really enjoyed hearing the modern songs being played on a instrument that isin't really use. I have 1 song suggestion : Untouched - by the Veronikas. It includes some violin backround and i am sure that if you played it it would sound absolutley magnificent.

Thanks for coming,
Michelle C.

Angel and Jody

ENTRY NUMBER: 150 | 05/02/2009, 11:06 am

Hey Grenville!!

I know I'm really really late sending this but I can't thank you enough for being part of my wedding last year (March 7, 2008).

You're performance was awesome! All of my guests just raved about you and they still do. My cousin said she wants to get married all over again just so she can have you play at her wedding!!!

Again, I just really wanted to thank you so much and I hope in the future when my kids get married, you can play at their weddings too!!

All the best and thank you for your CD! We love it!

- Angel and Jody -

Shellie & Pedro

ENTRY NUMBER: 149 | 27/01/2009, 4:29 pm

Dear Grenville,
We wish to express our appreciation for the incredible part you played on our special day.

We still have people telling us that you were the most memorable part of the day. You added so much joy to the wedding and we will never forget it!

Shellie and Pedro

Denisa and Vince

ENTRY NUMBER: 148 | 03/01/2009, 8:17 am

Hi Grenville,

Vince and I wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding, you did such an amazing job and we are thrilled that you could share your talent with us on that day...

Thank you again!! You definitely made our wedding special and hopefully in the near future we will hear you play again soon!!!

Happy New Year and again thank you for definitely were the life of the party!!!

Vince and Denisa Vancardo

Mayada and Philip Almeida

ENTRY NUMBER: 147 | 03/12/2008, 6:57 am

Grenville, we knew you were gonna ROCK our wedding and you did! We can't even thank you enough for the amazing job you did and we want you to know that our guests can't stop talking about you!

We are so thankful and grateful to have been fortunate enought to have you perform at our wedding and we want to wish you continued sucess and we know we'll see you again at future weddings cause after ours I know everyone thinking of their up coming weddings are thinking of getting you there 😉

All the best!

Philip and Mayada Almeida

Christopher & Tania

ENTRY NUMBER: 146 | 27/11/2008, 7:19 pm

Hey Grenville,
Tania and I just returned from our honeymoon and just catching up on things. I wanted to extend our deepest thanks for the fabulous show you put on at our wedding. Everyone we talk to mentions that you were one of the highlights of the night playing second fiddle just behind Tania and I. 😉

As I hear, many of our guests have requested your presence at their upcoming events so that is good news.

Anyhow I wish you all the success in the near future and continue spreading that Goan charm to the masses!

God Bless,
Christopher and Tania Pinto

Elizabeth and Frank

ENTRY NUMBER: 145 | 18/11/2008, 5:46 am

Hey Grenville:

We just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance. We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! As well, our guests could not say enough to us about you and your performance. You are now the talk of the town of Oakville.

We thought that your selection of music truly captured what we enjoy as a couple. You are an awesome performer and musician. We wish you
great success in the future and hope to work with you again someday. Keep us in mind for any references and let us know of any future songs or CD's you do, as we are your BIGGEST FANS!!!!! YOU ROCK GRENVILLE !!!

Take Care,
Elizabeth and Frank

Carolina & Mike

ENTRY NUMBER: 144 | 14/11/2008, 12:58 pm

Hi Grenville,

Mike and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful artistry and presence on our wedding day. Everyone loved you and your music. Personally, I wish I would have heard it a little more but being the bride, I'm afraid I was too flustered back and forth. I would have also liked to just have a picture with you but it didn't happen either. In any case, the guests were treated to an extraordinary performance.

Thank you again

Mike, Carolina and Danillo

Chantel & Alex

ENTRY NUMBER: 143 | 31/10/2008, 7:16 am

Dear Grenville,
With all the excitement of the big day, Alex and I never really got to thank you for the amazing job you did playing for our wedding. We had so many people tell us after the ceremony and even days afterwards how "fabulous you were", "where did you find him?" and "did you hear all the songs he could play?!", "He is unbelievable!".

I have seen you play a few times now at different shows and I knew right away I had to have you at our wedding and I'm so glad I did!! Thanks for everything - you are wonderful!
Chantel & Alex Grillo

Aylen Carmenate P?rez

ENTRY NUMBER: 142 | 27/10/2008, 12:38 pm

muy linda tu p?gina, de veras me gusto mucho saber mas sobre ti
:-):-):-)Es una pena q deba esforsarme tanto parte entender todo lo que esta escrito en ella...jeejeeejeee
escribo en espa?ol para que no olvides q soy cubana

Maria Di Noi

ENTRY NUMBER: 141 | 26/10/2008, 8:24 am

Hello Pinto!
Last night which was Oct 25th/08 you did a remarkable Proformance at my cousin Stella & Christo's Wedding! You were the talk at everyone's table. Everyone loved you! I think you are an amazingly talented artist and Hope that talent takes you very far in your career! I will definetly recommend you to everyone I know for thier special occassions!
Once again you were amazing!!
God Bless!


ENTRY NUMBER: 140 | 29/09/2008, 10:14 am

Mr. Grenville I just wanted to let you know how special your performance was at my sister's wedding. on saturday september 27th 2008. other than the bride and groom you were the highlight of the night to say the least everybody was amazed and no one could get enough. thank you once again chris


ENTRY NUMBER: 139 | 22/09/2008, 9:43 am

Hi Grenville!

Just wanted you to know that you were a big hit at the wedding. Everyone really enjoyed your music. Thank you for making Leanne's and Ryan's day really special.

Much appreciation,
Sandy Wood


ENTRY NUMBER: 138 | 21/09/2008, 12:06 pm

I'm sad you didn't play Moonriver during the wedding on Sept 20th...BUT you're still amazing!!! I'll hire you FOR SURE one day!!! However, at my event you have to play Moonriver....hehe 😀


ENTRY NUMBER: 137 | 08/09/2008, 8:18 pm

Hi Grenville,

Thank you so much for a wonderful day on August 8. All of my guests were extremely impressed with your charisma, your style and how entertaining you were.

It was certainly one of the highlights of the day. I really appreciate your giving of your time. I do hope that from this there will be many more opportunities for you.

Again thank you. Gods richest blessings in your life.

Amorel Adams


ENTRY NUMBER: 136 | 29/08/2008, 8:43 am

Hi G,

I wanted to let you know how incredibly amazing your performance was at Melanie and Lennon's wedding. I know you probably get told that a lot. But me being a great fan of the violin, a very unappreciated and under valued instrument. I used to play violin in school and quite enjoyed it. I'm only sorry I never continued with it. I've been to many weddings and never come across entertainment like that. Listening to you play, was like a breath of fresh air. You have a gift and you are changing the perception of how people see the violin. Thank you again. You made my night 🙂

Fan for life,


ENTRY NUMBER: 135 | 24/08/2008, 10:16 am

Hello Grenville,last night I had the plesure to listen to your music at Robert& Sonia's wedding It was beautiful.
Your music is inspiring & delightful.
I hope I have the opportunity to listen to you perform live soon.
thank you very much for the CD.I will enjoy listening to it thanks again Anna:)

Grace & Carlo

ENTRY NUMBER: 134 | 20/08/2008, 8:37 am

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to thank you sooooooo much for your amazing performance. The compliments and praise that I am still receiving as a reflection to your performance is still coming in. Many have asked for your number. Thank you so much. You totally made the evening most pleasing and memorable. Great job! I will be sure to call upon you again in the future, it won't be for a wedding but who knows there is always baby showers, baptisms etc. etc.

Marta and Todd

ENTRY NUMBER: 133 | 17/08/2008, 9:39 pm

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding! Everyone couldn't stop talking about how amazing you were and I can't wait to see the video of you playing before I arrived at the church. I wish I would have booked you sooner, I would have booked you for the entire wedding day!

You are truly a gift to music and have made my wedding so special. There are no words to describe the feeling I had when I heard you play as I was walking into the church.

This is definitely not the last time we will see each other, I will definitely ask you to share your music again someday - I just have to find an occasion!
Marta and Todd


ENTRY NUMBER: 132 | 17/08/2008, 10:15 am

Hi Grenville - I was the hotel coordinator for Michelle and David's wedding yesterday at the Metropolitan, and I couldn't stop listening to your CD. You are awesome! I'm sure the couple loved your performances! Hope to see you around again sometime!


ENTRY NUMBER: 131 | 08/08/2008, 12:28 pm

Hi Grenville,

You are an amazing and excellent violinist. You just threw me off the floor and I wanted to dance to your music all night at my friend, Jessie's wedding on August 2, is very romantic and you have a great personality. Hope I could hear your music again sometime. All the best.

God Bless you,

Rosanna & Marco

ENTRY NUMBER: 130 | 01/08/2008, 7:22 pm

Hello Grenville,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for the outstanding performance that you did at my wedding on July 12.

To this day, people still talk about you and how you made the night truly memorable. The first dance (the Bon Jovi) song was beyond what I had envisioned. You played incredibly. Your talent and charisma truly added that "special touch" to my wedding.

Marco and I are truly grateful. You exceeded our expectations and most of all, all of our guests truly enjoyed your musical talents.

Thanks so much again,

Rosanna Porco


ENTRY NUMBER: 129 | 29/07/2008, 7:59 pm

:-)Grenville you are truly amazing!!! I want to thank you sooo much for playing at our wedding on July 6 at Le Jardin. Our guests loved you and our first dance was unforgettable!! Hope to see you again soon!
Sonia and Umesh Mistry


ENTRY NUMBER: 128 | 16/07/2008, 2:41 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just saw you play at my friend's wedding this past Sunday and I have to say that you were AMAZING and I really enjoyed watching and listening to you play 🙂


Mike & Taryn

ENTRY NUMBER: 127 | 13/07/2008, 8:10 am

We would like to sincerely thank you for playing at our wedding ceremony as well as the reception.

Your playing during the ceremony added class and your performance during the reception was electrifying. People could not stop talking about how great you were and the energy you brought to the evening.

You were fantastic and we hope you can play again for us some day.

Mike & Taryn

Loredana & Marco

ENTRY NUMBER: 126 | 13/07/2008, 8:08 am

Thank you for being part of our special day by playing violin at our ceremony. Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to working with you again! We are huge fans!!

Loredana Figliomeni & Marco Marchese
July 12, 2008

Sawdah & Arif

ENTRY NUMBER: 125 | 03/07/2008, 11:27 am

Grenville, you were simply amazing. Everyone was raving about you at our wedding at Rattlesnake Point.

You are blessed with a special gift and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Arif & Sawdah

Daniela Reyes

ENTRY NUMBER: 124 | 18/06/2008, 2:47 pm

James and I would just like to thank you for making our wedding fantastic!!! Everyone had an amazing time, and could not stop talking about you!! you were the highlight of the evening!!!!

It was perfect and we couldn't ask for anything more!
Thank you again!
James and Daniela Reyes!8-0

Phyllis Sardone -Ferreira

ENTRY NUMBER: 123 | 14/05/2008, 3:26 pm

My husband and I were privileged enough to have Mr. Pinto perform at our wedding. (09-03-2005)It was superb!!! He is highly recommended though he needs no recommendations. His music and professionalism speaks for itself. Thank you for making our day enchanting and unique, classy and entertaining and simply perfect.
Adriano & Phyllis Ferreira

Louie & Christina

ENTRY NUMBER: 122 | 29/04/2008, 3:22 pm

Thank you for making our wedding day memorable. You play the most amazing music ever. We received so many compliments about you and had no problem referring you to guests.

Hopefully we will see you in the near future. In the meantime, your CD's keep us occupied with your lovely music.

Keep up the great work and it was an honour to have you play at our wedding. Thanks again!
With Love,
Louie & Christina Assenza

Teresa Baldassarra

ENTRY NUMBER: 121 | 22/04/2008, 9:20 am

Dear Grenville,
It was such an honour having you play at my Birthday Party. Who ever thought I'd be rubbing shoulders with a CELEBRITY on my 50th!!
Not only are you an outstanding musician but you are a truly amazing person as well!
Thank you once again and all the very best to you always.
Teresa Baldassarra


ENTRY NUMBER: 120 | 11/04/2008, 8:09 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful music. I have now heard from quite a number of guests at the shower who said they really enjoyed your performance.
I also appreciate that you stayed longer at your own expense.
Thanks again.

Steve & Lisa Stavnitzky

ENTRY NUMBER: 119 | 11/04/2008, 8:05 pm

Dear Grenville,
We can't begin to imagine what our wedding day would have been like without you there. You created such a great atmosphere the night of our wedding. The way you were able to entertain each and every person there was remarkable.

You are incredibly talented and were able to create many memories. To this day you are still talked about and viewed as the highlight of the evening.

Thank you ever so much.

Steve & Lisa Stavnitzky
July 8, 2007


ENTRY NUMBER: 118 | 10/04/2008, 8:33 am

Hello Grenville,

I was in total awe of your performance at the Food and Wine Show in Hamilton a couple of weeks ago. You're a fantastic performer and I would recommend you to ANYONE looking to make their event truly enjoyable and orignal.


ENTRY NUMBER: 117 | 18/03/2008, 5:02 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you for your performance on Saturday March 8th. We had a lot of positive feedback from our guests who enjoyed your performance and more importantly, were enthralled by your work.

Thank you for a job well done.


Val & Rob

ENTRY NUMBER: 116 | 06/03/2008, 4:54 pm


Rob and I wanted to thank you for an amazing performance at our wedding! Our guests can't stop talking about you! From Dr Zhivago to Thunder Struck you showcased what an talented musician you are. My father slipping you a 20 during your performance was hilarious!!!

Once again, thank you for sharing your talents, and we look forward in seeing you perform again!!

Val and Rob:-D

Bert & Veronica Merwitz

ENTRY NUMBER: 115 | 06/03/2008, 10:26 am

Dear Grenville

We had the pleasure of being guests at the Cartagenise Wedding on March 1, 2008.

Your performance was spectacular ... it was an absolute pleasure to listen to your music during our dinner. Certainly an extremely talented and gifted musician.

In future many other families will have the pleasure of your music for their special occasions.

Hopefully we will have an opportunity to enjoy your music again.

Thank you.

Bert & Veronica Merwitz

Louise and Wayne Cartagenise

ENTRY NUMBER: 114 | 04/03/2008, 3:49 pm

Dear Grenville,

You played at our son's wedding last Saturday, March lst. My son told me there were a lot of surprises during the reception but I couldn't have imagined anything as beautiful as listening to your music. Being introduced to your wonderful talent was a bonus. Bob gave us your latest CD and we have played it over and over and over (it is playing now) and have been blessed more than words can express. It will always remind us of the wedding.

It must be wonderful to go to work every day doing the thing you love the most - your performance speaks of the love and respect you have for the music your play and the gift that God has given you. It did not seem right for us to enjoy your music so much and not tell you.
We wish you the very best and know that you will bring much joy to many other families as you continue to share your gift.

Louise and Wayne Cartagenise

Mike Fright

ENTRY NUMBER: 113 | 04/03/2008, 12:35 pm

Hi Grenville,

Sorry for the delayed posting, it's been a hectic year. Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for providing our wedding guests with such fantastic entertainment. Everybody we have spoken to raved about your vast variety and your music was the perfect complement to our special day (June 16th, 2007).

The CD compilation you made for us also has been a big hit.

Take care,
Mike and Laura Fright

Kelly & Steve

ENTRY NUMBER: 112 | 12/02/2008, 10:55 am

We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding. At the ceremony, the music was amazing.
We were blown away by the performance at the reception. You were the star of the night. Everyone at the wedding couldn't believe how great you were. People were saying, "where did you find him - he was amazing". I can't agree more.
Thank you,
Kelly & Steve
Sep 23/07


ENTRY NUMBER: 111 | 05/02/2008, 11:47 am

Hi Grenville,
I have to tell you first, that I was completely in awe of your performance at the Total Wedding Show and have your CD on repeat in my car ~ #17 is my all-time favourite - followed by #1 Canon and then all the rest of your amazing songs ... although I do wish that Apologize was on this CD ... you are truly an amazing musician!!!! 🙂

I absolutely love your CD and cannot wait till my boyfriend & I get married ~ I will not have our wedding without you!!! =)

Thanks for your time & for sharing your presence & talent so freely with me!
All the Best,

Lesley & Gord

ENTRY NUMBER: 110 | 01/02/2008, 11:44 pm

Just a quick note to say thank-you for the beautiful music on our wedding day.
You are truly a talented musician and we wish you all the best!
Lesley & Gord DeMille

Kateri Nguyen

ENTRY NUMBER: 109 | 21/01/2008, 11:57 am

:-)Wow.. I must say you are truly talented... God's True gift. I was at the total wedding show yesterday for the 1:00 PM show and wow you totally surpassed my expectation as a vionist. A true great addition to the music industry. Love your CD BTW...

-Kateri and Paul

Karlos Pinto

ENTRY NUMBER: 108 | 20/01/2008, 3:13 pm

Hey grenville...i want to be best friends with you and maybe i will invite you to my wedding. Luv u

Geoffrey Chapman Models

ENTRY NUMBER: 107 | 17/01/2008, 6:11 pm

Dear Grenville,
Geoffrey and I just wanted to let you know that it was an amazing pleasure to work with you.

All of us were very impressed.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

Geoffrey & Stanlee

Susy A. Jose

ENTRY NUMBER: 106 | 16/01/2008, 7:21 pm

Hello Grenville,

It was incredibly amazing to have you play for me, Daniel, and my parents. We absolutely adored it, and i have never met such a talented violinist.

The violin has always been my favorite instrument, and you bring it to life in such a remarkable way!

Thank you again, and i look forward to working with you in the near future, and of course on my wedding day!!

Susy A. Jose

Maria and Louie Tzatzanis

ENTRY NUMBER: 105 | 16/01/2008, 7:25 am

Dear Grenville,
Words alone cannot express the love we feel, remembering that you shared the beginning of our new life together. You have provided us with lasting memories of your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Your music captivated our guests and we loved every minute of it! The memories are unforgettable and people are still talking about you! Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding day!

With love,
Maria and Louie Tzatzanis

Charlene & David

ENTRY NUMBER: 104 | 31/12/2007, 4:08 pm

To the incredible Grenville Pinto. From the day we met you at the Bridal Show in January of 07 we knew we had to have you at our wedding. You are a superb musician.

What we love about you is that you are not only a musician but you are an entertainer at heart. Even though there may be 250 people in the room and only one of you, you find a way to make everyone feel like a special part of your performance.

On June 8, 2007 you dazzled our guests at our wedding that until this day many cannot stop talking about. You are an integral part of what made that day a success and to date the most exciting and electrifying day of our lives.

Grenville Pinto you are a class act and number one in our book. We would love to see you perform again and we hope that you will invite us to your concerts or any event that features you in the near future, we will definitely be there cheering you on.

Thanks again from your friends...
David and Charlene Christie

Bill and Wilma

ENTRY NUMBER: 103 | 28/12/2007, 8:30 am

Grenville Pinto esq, Thank you for performing at my surprise 70th Birthday Party on Sunday the 9th of Dec. your music was fabulous and very much enjoyed by all in attendance, so much so , that I have had requests from some guests to purchase your Compilation CD. ...Keep on the Fiddle, Thanks to you and your music, my party will be remembered by my family and guests as the best ever. Kindest regards to you and continued success for your future. Bill and Wilma Veitch.

Burlington Ultrasound & Radiology

ENTRY NUMBER: 102 | 07/12/2007, 10:56 pm

Hello Grenville:

The staff were still abuzz on Monday after our great party last Sunday at LaSalle. ...thank you for bringing such positive energy to our event. Everyone had a great time - even those who didn't dance enjoyed watching the commotion.

Thanks again Grenville. Have a good weekend...

Amanda & Michael

ENTRY NUMBER: 101 | 18/11/2007, 9:51 pm

Dear Grenville,
Where do we start...we thank you sincerely for doing such a wonderful job entertaining us and all of our 390 guests throughout dinner.

You were professional and a total delight to work with. Thank you for creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the most important day of our lives.

I can't tell you how many compliments we got. You truly helped make our Wedding a night to remember!!...
Thanks again,
Amanda & Michael

Connie Santos

ENTRY NUMBER: 100 | 14/11/2007, 4:20 pm

Hi Grenville:

Once again, thank you for a job well done.

This concludes our 3rd Annual Pre Wedding Celebration and we at the Mississauga Convention Centre would like to extend our appreciation for the excellent entertainment you provided throughout the evening, as was evident everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It is always a pleasure working with you and I look forward to collaborating with you at any future events held at our facility as we will of course continue to recommend you...

Thanks again,

Connie B. Santos
Social Event Co-ordinator
Mississauga Convention Centre

Laura Wong

ENTRY NUMBER: 99 | 02/10/2007, 4:20 pm

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you so much for attending and performing at our event on were absolutely amazing...the event was amazing and the weather was beautiful, and I am confident that this year will be a record breaking year for us!!

You did an amazing job and I have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone!
Thank you - take care!

Laura Wong
Ferrari Maserati of Ontario

Christina Chiaravalloti

ENTRY NUMBER: 98 | 01/10/2007, 7:26 pm

Hi Genville,

Just wanted to express my gratitude on a job very well done at our wedding on September 1st, 2007 at the Royal Ambassador. Louie and I were so pleased with you. You were absoloutly amazing!! You brought tears to so many eyes because of how beautifully you played. You kept everyone entertained with your variety of music. We were so lucky to have had you at our wedding...people are still talking about you. You will definatly be recommended in the future.
Hope to see you soon.

Thanks again,
Yours truly, Christina and Louie Assenza.

Anna-Maria Di Corpo

ENTRY NUMBER: 97 | 25/08/2007, 9:57 am

Hey Grenville!!!... it was great meeting you last night at Villa Italia ... i loved your performance... I will definitely give Annette a call... ttyl 😀

Matthew & Franca Peluso

ENTRY NUMBER: 96 | 18/08/2007, 9:53 am

Words cannot express how grateful Matthew and I are for all you have done this year for us. You're such a talented musician and yet incredibly humble!
You impressed both us and all our guests at the "fashion show shower", as well as at our special wedding ceremony.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Matthew & Fanca Peluso

Michelle & Kevin

ENTRY NUMBER: 95 | 17/08/2007, 4:15 pm

We are so happy we came across you at Royal Ashburn back in March '06! We are so honoured to have you play at our wedding ceremony. You and your music made it very special and memorable.
You have a gift - continue to use it to fill people's lives with happiness. All the best to you and your career in the future.
Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding day!
Michelle & Kevin

Sal and Josie

ENTRY NUMBER: 94 | 17/08/2007, 4:11 pm

Sal and I would like to thank you for your gift of music. You are so talented.
We are honoured that you played the violin for us and were able to squeeze us in between other functions.
We wish you all the best and much success in your career.
Hope our paths will cross again.
Sal & Josie
p.s. thank you so much for your CDs - we love listening to them regularly!


ENTRY NUMBER: 93 | 17/08/2007, 4:09 pm

Dear Grenville,
Thank you very much for being part of the Burlington Economic Development Corporation's Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Award.
You did an amazing job and our guests loved your music!
Thanks again,

Jodie & Tony

ENTRY NUMBER: 92 | 16/08/2007, 2:30 pm

Hi Grenville:

Just wanted to let you know you are the talk of the town. Everyone loved you and say that you made our wedding stand out above the rest.

You are very talented and very personable and you can tell that you love what you do - it shines right out of you. You truly are amazing.

So my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our special day one to remember.

Thanks again,

Jodie and Tony

Kerri Goulden

ENTRY NUMBER: 91 | 15/08/2007, 4:17 pm

Scott and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did during our ceremony and cocktail hour at our wedding. I mentioned in my speech that when I was in highschool I decided I was going to have you play at my wedding (yes, I was single at the time), and it happened! Even though your sister got married the next day, you still came out and did a stellar performance. Everyone was buzzing about you afterwards. Friends were so impressed by your modern songs (specifically Thunderstruck), and relatives were impressed by the classics. Unfortunately due to my bridal duties, I missed out on most of your playing, but I trust that it was fabulous due the feedback we got. I heard people talk about booking you for their weddings, as well as for corporate functions. Awesome! Thanks again, looking forward to the next Telonix Christmas party!
Kerri & Scott

Sandra & Aaron Montgomery

ENTRY NUMBER: 90 | 01/08/2007, 12:35 pm

Thank you so much for making our wedding an event to remember for both us and all our guests. Your performance during the wedding service was classy and your serenading of the tables during dinner kept the energy up all evening long. Our Italian guests loved the traditional Italian tunes and our other guests loved the modern songs. Everyone left with a smile on his/her face and we received comments such as, "This was the best wedding we've ever been to!" We will never forget all the U2 songs you played for us as well as ACDC. Thank you for making our special day so enjoyable and memorable!

Ann Mary

ENTRY NUMBER: 89 | 29/07/2007, 4:15 pm

I saw you for the first time at Walter and Sandra's wedding last night and I was blown away. Your talent and ability to entertain was amazing. I was so impressed by you and I hope you're around for my wedding. You made us happy with the sweet sounds of your violoin and I just wanted to tell you that I'm now a big fan. I hope to see more of you at our parties. 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER: 88 | 25/07/2007, 8:49 pm

Hi Grenville,

How are you? I should of done this earlier but I had just got back from Mexico today. I cannot express my thanks enough for making Julie and Peter wedding day, one to cherrish and remember sister doesn't cry easily, she didn't cry when she was reading her vows...but Grenville you did it. You made 07/07/07 wedding a blast. You took everybody's breath away...a lot of my parent friends said that they had never been to a chinese wedding like this one..everyone had soo much fun...most guests are still talking about you . Definitely the hit of the wedding, I'm so glad to have you part of the special day.

So thank you thank you thank you again....I will most likely to book you again for my baby sister wedding next year in May...keep intouch...


Farah and Atiq

ENTRY NUMBER: 87 | 19/07/2007, 7:26 pm


Thank you for an UNBELIEVABLE performance at our wedding. You were, without a doubt, the HIGHLIGHT of the entire evening!!! Every single guest of ours asked about you. Not only were you magical on the violin, you used your charm to engage the audience, and entertained them every second of your performance.



ENTRY NUMBER: 86 | 01/07/2007, 9:47 pm

Hi Grenville,
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding,
everyone is still talking about you (a few "Is he single?"s from the ladies, hahaha).
Everyone enjoyed you sooo much. Definitely the hit of the wedding,
I'm so glad you were part of it.

Thanks again,

Rosanne Consiglio

ENTRY NUMBER: 85 | 12/06/2007, 8:21 pm

I cannot express my thanks enough for making my little girl's wedding day, one to cherrish and remember forever. You took everybody's breath away.

Christopher Paterson

ENTRY NUMBER: 84 | 03/06/2007, 3:30 am

One thing come to mind when I saw Grenville Pinto perform for a wedding I DJ tonight; KNOCKOUTBESTPERFORMEVERGRENVILLEPINTO Ahah yes....that's one word..should be in the dictionary infact... this man is a true genius at work, I am not just saying that.....I really mean it. The way he interacted with the audience and caught there eyes makes this man a number one performer in my books. What more could you ask for, sure there may be other people out there who can perform..... but I bet you would never find anyone who not only performs but also adds the element of interaction like Grenville Pinto does...hmm...come to think of it he is not a performer, when your that good you have your own category. God of the Violin. Take care Grenville best of luck in the future.

Rob Thwaites

ENTRY NUMBER: 83 | 29/05/2007, 1:56 pm


A quick line to thank you for your performance for my son and new daughter on Saturday evening. You were quite a hit. I know quite a few who will seriously search you out for their future celebrations. Hopefully they act soon enough to fit into your busy schedule. The surprise was flawless. My son had no clue. I know he tried to book you himself but was told that you were already booked for his wedding date (by me of course).
Where are your future public events? Your skills are such that many of us would travel just to hear you. Again well done and thank you.


Antonella Licata

ENTRY NUMBER: 82 | 12/05/2007, 11:13 pm

LADIES & GENTLEMEN.... this man is a GENIUS!!! Grenville played at my sister's wedding shower lastnight & he was a HUGE hit! He doesn't just play a violin, he adds SO MUCH personality to the performance. I didn't expect what I saw & heard lastnight! GRENVILLE IS FABULOUS!!! Can't wait to see you again at the wedding!!!!! p.s. My dad loves you too hahaa!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 81 | 07/05/2007, 6:54 pm

Hello Grenville,
I attended the party just yesterday for Rob and Marianna's son Michael, and took your business card near the end of the night.
To say I was impressed by your performance is an understatement. You were wonderful.

Are there any scheduled events that you are performing at this summer that I might be able to go to?
And of course if there is any event that I can refer you to - I will!

Again, thank you for handling all our children hanging around your stage and begging for songs!

Mary Jo and Sabrina

ENTRY NUMBER: 80 | 02/05/2007, 2:56 pm

I'm not even sure how to begin to Thank you...You are not only an outstanding performer, but you are a truly an amazing individual.

Just to give everyone a little background, my daughter Sabrina lets everyone know that her favourite musician is Grenville Pinto. Her first experience of the wonderful world of his performing, was at a wedding we attended. Ever since that day, she was determined that she wanted Grenville to perform at her First Communion. We did indeed book Grenville as a gift from my Husband and I to her, but kept the whole thing a secret telling her that he was already booked. She ofcourse was so disappointed and it was the hardest thing to keep from her but most definitely worth it. Grenville being the wonderful person he is and knowing how big a fan Sabrina is, arranged with the DJ to surprise her completely. At her Communion, the DJ conducted an interview with her with regards to her favourite things such as her favourite movie, food and eventually asked her who her favourite musician was and ofcourse, she said Grenville Pinto. At that point he was already walking up behind her and she still didn't know. When Grenville started to play, she looked at the DJ and said that she recognized that was Grenville playing. At the point the DJ told her to turn around and her reaction was what I'm still getting calls about from friends and family after almost 2 weeks! They totally appreciate why she loves his music as we all do.

Sabrina's only 8 years old. Yet you still put your heart into making this day so very special for her. I know she will never forget having you join us for her First Communion. All our guests cannot stop talking about your amazing performance! Again, I know I mentioned this that day but have to say it treated our family and Sabrina as if we were Royalty. You are truly wonderful and we are so fortunate to be able to know you. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

No one has ever experienced the music that can played from a violin, until they have had Grenville Pinto perform for them! It's the "Grenville experience!". As Sabrina puts its..."Grenville rocks and he's so cool!"

With Love, Mary-Jo, Nelson, Nathaniel and ofcourse...Your #1 Fan, Sabrina!

Sherrie Higgins

ENTRY NUMBER: 79 | 25/04/2007, 10:54 pm

Hey Gren, I had such a wonderful time at your party!!!!
You are such a classy guy....and you play the violin with such always!!!!
Marta, Mary, Rick & I really enjoyed ourselves, & you had quite the spread of food & cocktails!!!!!
It was such a blast to see Oksana too!!!!
Thanks so much
Love Ya Lots!!!!!
Love, Peace & Magic
Sherrie Higgins

Mindy Jaswal

ENTRY NUMBER: 78 | 09/04/2007, 2:45 pm

Hello Pinto,

I just wanted to say how absolutely amazing you were yesterday! It was such a pleasure to see you perform again, my sisters loved it! They said it was the best baby shower present of all. I am sure you will be hearing from us at any excuse to have you back again.

It's funny, because after I heard you play at the wedding show, I wanted to find out about violin classes, my friend Kanika told me you would be able to refer us to someone, If you could that would be great. Or is it you who would teach?

Thank you so much again, it was just beautiful, I don't know how you are going to do this, but if you could magically find out who my boyfriend is, I wouldn't mind being serenaded into an proposal? hehe?.

Hope to hear you soon,
Do you have a cd; I could let my sisters know about?

Mindy Jaswal


ENTRY NUMBER: 77 | 09/04/2007, 1:34 pm

Hi Grenville,

My name is Sandy! (I was the one that announced you!) We're the girls from the Baby Shower from today! Just wanted to thank you for such a lovely performance! The girls LOVED it and the moms-to-be loved it too!! You completely made the shower - thank you for such wonderful songs and the phantom bit was a great ending! (I personally love Phantom of the Opera!)

We will definitely be calling you as there are lots of bridal/baby showers to come (you saw the number of girls!!)

Thank you again! We hope you enjoyed it as well!

Take care,



ENTRY NUMBER: 76 | 01/04/2007, 7:37 pm

Absolutley angelic and soulfoul! Fell in love with your music the moment I heard it! You will go places and wish you the best and all the success you deserve!!!! Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air!

chris vaz

ENTRY NUMBER: 75 | 31/03/2007, 1:11 pm

Awesome talent! I especially love the sound you produce on the violin. Full-bodied and oh, so mellow! You make the music come alive. And your repertoire is so extensive... If you are not already, you are going to be a great star some day soon! I hope to see you in live performance...
All the best--

Aftab Ahmad

ENTRY NUMBER: 74 | 27/03/2007, 10:28 am

Thank you so much, you were really great. Everyone gave a thumbs up for your performance.

All of us were very appreciative of your talents and skills you presented at Fawziah's wedding reception.
Thank you again,
Aftab Ahmad
Cincinnati, OH

Cindy Khampheng

ENTRY NUMBER: 73 | 24/03/2007, 3:25 pm

The first time I heard you play the violin was at my brother's wedding. I was at a lost for words because there's no words to describe how wonderful your talent is. You made that day really memorable for a lot of our friends and family. If I could I would order all of the songs that you play.. hehe. The cds are awesome! Keep up the good work! You are TRULY AMAZING! 🙂

Julia Ahee

ENTRY NUMBER: 72 | 27/02/2007, 10:54 am

Dear Grenville, Thank-you so very much for the gift of music at my mother's 80th birthday party. Everyone was thrilled and delighted with your performance. You were spectular and brillant! We really were blessed to have you.Music is the ordinary life brought to the level of celestial!May we continue to be blessed and may your career continue to prosper with Music.God bless.


ENTRY NUMBER: 71 | 26/02/2007, 8:17 pm

Dear Grenville,
Were you ever ready! Were you ever up for the occasion! Your gift of entertainment wowed everyone at the party. It was no small task to be so spontaneous and give the crowd all that was needed to represent an era of 80 years with music in a pantomime. You were awesome. God Bless you and keep you.
Keep creating music,
Gabrielle's family

Antanas Broga


ENTRY NUMBER: 70 | 22/02/2007, 7:34 pm

Hello Grenville

I am a cousin of Dr. David DeSouza's and a friend of my fathers passed along a link to your website. I just wanted to commend you on your talent which you shared with us for David and Lisa's wedding. It's really great to see the talent God has given you and the skill with which you do play. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude for your talents and wish you well in using them to bless others who get the chance to hear you play. Keep up the great work!!

God Bless,
Neil DeSouza


ENTRY NUMBER: 69 | 19/02/2007, 11:01 pm

Hi Grenville

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your music and I would like to buy a copy of your CD. Please let me know details.

Btw, do you sign your CDs? You are already a sensation but, I get the sense you are going to be an even bigger sensation then you already are! Good luck & the very best!



ENTRY NUMBER: 68 | 19/02/2007, 10:55 pm

Hello Grenville,

I heard you play at the wedding show last weekend and just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how beautiful you play. Although I am sure you hear that often enough. Perhaps you remember me, I am the one who requested a Fergie song from you.

...Anyways, I hope all is well. Just wanted to tell you that you play beautifully and I hope my brother figured out the date of his wedding in time to book you.

Zabrina Sen
Media Relations Manager
P.S My favorite song that I heard you play was Pachelbel's Canon. That is one of my all-time favorite pieces. 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER: 67 | 13/02/2007, 1:57 pm

Hi Grenville,
I would like to thank you making Sunday at the Dreams Wedding Show a very enjoyable day. I was an exhibitor there. I enjoyed the sound of your music as I worked away...kept my spirits high.

I wish I knew you when I was getting married...but it is never too late. I will keep you in mind for any event I may hold...

Keep up the good work...touching souls!

Safeena Siddiqui
Mississauga, ON

Liane & Miro

ENTRY NUMBER: 66 | 05/02/2007, 8:59 pm

Hi Grenville,
Finally had a chance to write you a quick note to thank you once again for playing at our wedding. The only regret that I have is that I personally didn't have the chance to truly enjoy your music.
Our guest are still talking about your talents and how you truly made the ambiance even better!!!

You did a FANTASTIC job with all the chosen songs.
Thanks again!
Liane & Miro
Toronto, ON

Shaz N

ENTRY NUMBER: 65 | 23/01/2007, 8:15 pm

Hi Grenville,
Let me just say that you are blessed with an unbelievable talent. I love the violin, but the way you play it's incredible. You didn't have a CD on
hand the last time I met you, so if you can please give me some information as how I can obtain it. ...Thank you for your help, I would really like a copy of your CD...keep it up! You are too good!


ENTRY NUMBER: 64 | 17/01/2007, 10:00 pm

🙂 You are GREAT. I love the music very much. 🙁 And sadly I can't effort you for our wedding but will buy the CD for sure. Good luck.

Josie & Tony

ENTRY NUMBER: 63 | 15/01/2007, 1:42 pm


We just wanted to say WOW!!!! You have such an amazing talent. You're awesome!!! Keep up the good work.


ENTRY NUMBER: 62 | 14/01/2007, 4:13 pm

Having been taught by your mom and Christabel, I knew that you were very musical as well. But I never realized how beautiful you sounded until the bridal show in Hamilton. My mom cried when you played Trumpet Voluntary! Continued success to you!

Mike Fortune

ENTRY NUMBER: 61 | 08/01/2007, 11:18 am

I just wanted to take a minute to say WOW!!! Your music ability is amazing and it was such a pleasure to work with you over the weekend! I hope there are more opportunities down the road where we can entertain the crowd.
Let's keep in touch!
Mike Fortune
Source Cable

Celeste Constantino

ENTRY NUMBER: 60 | 06/01/2007, 8:56 pm

Hello! Just wanted to drop by and say how amazed I was when I heard you play at the bridal show! It was nice seeing you, Annette and your mother! My passion for piano is owed to your mother!

Rob and Tanya Galati

ENTRY NUMBER: 59 | 04/01/2007, 4:56 pm

Thank you so much for your beautiful music and amazing personality. My favourite part of watching our wedding video is listening to you! You made our day so much more special - our guests along with us were so pleased. Thank you so much!

Angelo & Laurie

ENTRY NUMBER: 58 | 20/12/2006, 5:01 pm

Hi Grenville.
Thanks again for making our day extra special with your performance. We literally both jumped out of our seats when you walked into the Liberty Grand and knew you would bring a buzz to our guests.

Everyone we spoke to had so many words of praise for you. So thank you again and we'll probably see you at the wedding show!
Angelo & Laurie
Mississauga, ON

Carole Weiner & Michael Gabriele

ENTRY NUMBER: 57 | 19/12/2006, 7:07 am

Dear Grenville,
Just a short note to thank you for helping to make our annual party a huge success on November 22, 2006.

You are a very accomplished musician and provided us with the variety we needed for our event. We have had only positive feedback from our guests and all enjoyed your 'fiddling'. We would not hesitate to recommend you and 'your violin' to anyone looking for versatile and fun entertainment.

Have a happy & healthy holiday season.
Best Regards,
Carole Weiner & Michael Gabriele
Nu-Trend Construction
Woodbridge, ON

Eric Goulden

ENTRY NUMBER: 56 | 18/12/2006, 6:15 pm

Hello Grenville,

On behalf of the TELONIX family, we appreciate the fine evening of entertainment you provided last week. We had an international group that were diverse in age, culture and backgrounds. You did a great job touching them all. You were so hot in the second set, I must remember to bring the fire extinguisher next time.

All the best to you and your family, what a pleasure to share your success.


Dan Vigliatore

ENTRY NUMBER: 55 | 15/12/2006, 2:21 pm

Truly an amazing artist ... Made the recieving line at our wedding an enjoyable time:-D. Grenvile, thankyou so much!!!!

Dr. Robert Kroll

ENTRY NUMBER: 54 | 11/12/2006, 12:41 pm

Dear Grenville,

Thank you so much for your wonderful musical contribution to my surprise tribute event sponsored by the Speech Foundation of Ontario and the Demosthenes Society. Your music brightens up the room and leaves the audience begging for more. Personally, I could listen to the mellow tones of your violin for hours on end. I wish you the best of luck with your career and would encourage anyone planning an event to include your wonderful musical contributions.
Best regrds,
Dr. Robert Kroll,
Speech Foundation of Ontario

Michael Brahm

ENTRY NUMBER: 53 | 14/11/2006, 9:21 am

A truly gifted and passionate musician with one eclectic selection of music. A great entertainer!! Andre Rieu, look out!!

Dean & Linda

ENTRY NUMBER: 52 | 10/11/2006, 10:45 am

Dear Grenville, We would like to thank you for making our wedding day extra special. Everyone (all our family and friends - and our parents' friends) adored you and raved about how well you played that night. We have received numerous (and we mean numerous) complements on your performance. Everyone have only heard of classical music being played on the violin...until they heard you. It was mind blowing to them that contemporary music can also be played on the violin. It's unbelievable that you can bring moderm music to such a classical instrument. Thank you for entertaining our guests!

You have a great deal of talent and we hope you continue to share it with the world. Also, we would in a heartbeat refer you to anyone that is
looking for a violinst!!!!!!

We will keep you in mind for any future occasions (BTW, Linda is already trying to think of
Thank you!

Dean and Linda
Brampton, ON

Jenni Francis

ENTRY NUMBER: 51 | 10/11/2006, 10:40 am

Hello Grenville,
I just wanted to let you know again that your performance was absolutely amazing at Billie and Todd's wedding, I was one of the bridesmaids and you allowed me and rest of us to focus on the union of our two friends rather than all the other distractions around us. Your music reminded us that the night was about love and romance. I was amazed with your talent, I love live music and have seen many musicians perform and so far you have been the best. I will be contacting you soon to discuss my sisters wedding.How can I get a copy of your cd?
Thank you again for doing such a great job at the wedding.
Toronto, ON

Mystic M DJ Serivces (Michael Jatas)

ENTRY NUMBER: 50 | 10/11/2006, 10:40 am

Hello Grenville!

I looked over your website and heard your music samples and seen your videos. I can say I am very impressed with your sound and style. As you know I own Mystic M DJ Services in Ontario and would definitely recommend you to my clients who would like live performance for their dinner music or just simple want live performance for their wedding. Keep up the good work.

Laura and Daniel

ENTRY NUMBER: 49 | 10/11/2006, 10:39 am

Thank you for adding to the beauty of our day! Your music was breathtaking and sent goosebumps all over! When you played for the ceremony, myself, Daniel and our guests were absolutely mesmerized!
With much appreciation,
Laura & Daniel
Toronto, ON

Lisa & Matt

ENTRY NUMBER: 48 | 10/11/2006, 10:38 am

Dear Grenville,
Thank you sincerely for sharing your amazing talents with us and our guests by playing the violin during our wedding ceremony and cocktail reception. So many of our guests commented on how beautiful they found the music to be and how entertaining and friendly you were. You added so much to our special day and for this, we are grateful.
Thank you!
Lisa and Matt
Ancaster, ON

Doris Melidon

ENTRY NUMBER: 47 | 10/11/2006, 10:36 am

Grenville, I just wanted to send you a HUGE Thank you for making our party an evening to remember. You were spectacular and the life of the party. All the guest enjoyed your music and commented on how wonderful you are. You play the violin beautifully and your fabulous personality put a smile on everyone's face. Thank you and I hope we have the opportunity to see you again.


ENTRY NUMBER: 46 | 10/11/2006, 10:35 am

Hi Grenville Thank you so much for making the bridal shower such a huge success, all the guests were talking about was how great you were (and the food of course) but again Christina and I would like to extend our thanks for making her day a special one! Take care Laura
Toronto, ON

Gina, Walter, Sarah and David

ENTRY NUMBER: 45 | 10/11/2006, 10:34 am

Hi Grenvillle A huge thank you to you for a succesful night. You were the highlight of the evening. Everyone enjoyed you. My mom wanted to take you home. mmm - you had quite and impact on the women. Amazing talent and very charming. My mom said why don't I just get rid of the DJ and have you play all night. Unfortunately, I told her that you had another wedding. Maybe another time. I told them the next function I have, I will book it around your availability to make sure you are there for the night. It was quite cute, that everyone was asking if they could get a cd of you after your performance. They wanted to know if you were selling any of your cd's. They had not opened their gift boxes yet, and when they did they were all very very happy. They all listened to it in the car on their way home from the wedding. Thank you again for a amazing performance! You had quite an impact on everyone. Gina, Walter, Sarah and David Burlington, ON

Kelly Cundari

ENTRY NUMBER: 44 | 10/11/2006, 10:34 am

Hi Grenville, Thank you so much for making my mother's 80th birthday party such a success. My parents were absolutely thrilled with your style as well as all the other guests. You were just what I expected. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a violinist or dj. With thanks and gratitude. Kelly Cundari Toronto, ON

Brandon & Deanna Forder

ENTRY NUMBER: 43 | 10/11/2006, 10:33 am

Hi Grenville; My husband and I personally wanted to thank you for playing such beautiful music at our wedding. Our guests were amazed at your talent. Our only regret is that we didn't get to hear more of you play. (being the bride and groom we had a ton of running around to do) Thank you again for making our wedding day so magical and adding that little something extra!!!! Many Thanks and best of luck!!! Brandon & Deanna Forder.

Santina & Frank Cuconato

ENTRY NUMBER: 42 | 10/11/2006, 10:31 am

Hi Grenville, Frank and I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to you! You were absolutely amazing on Saturday at our wedding! When I heard you play Canon In D, I knew this was it. Show time! We wish were could have heard you play for longer but we had to leave for pictures. Our families and guests were very impressed and we will be more than happy to highly recommend you to others! Thank you once again! Santina & Frank Cuconato

Hazel Skrypec

ENTRY NUMBER: 41 | 10/11/2006, 10:31 am

Hi Grenville, I had the good fortune of seeing and hearing you play at the Bridal Show this past Friday. You have amazing talent...I am sure you have been told that quite a bit...after having read your biography and all... Well... I just wanted to commend you on your performance at the was phenomenal and I actually made it a point to check out your website...and hear some of your pieces online...amazing... Do you by chance have any CDs out there...if so, I would love to buy them. Do let me know as I am definitely looking to add them to my collection. It is sad though, that I did not hear of you earlier, I would have loved to have you play at my wedding... my husband would have loved it...I will definitely keep you in mind for my 5th wedding anniversary... coming up shortly... Thanks for taking the time to read my message and look forward to your reply. Hazel Skrypec.

Dina Ricottone

ENTRY NUMBER: 40 | 10/11/2006, 10:30 am

I have mentioned you to a few friends who have events coming up. I have never heard music like yours before it was very moving and like nothing else I have ever heard. Thank you again. Dina Ricottone Hamilton, ON

Susy and Milan Popovic

ENTRY NUMBER: 39 | 10/11/2006, 10:30 am

Grenville, Thank you so much for making our special day so wonderful. You played amazingly. We had so many compliments about you. I just they could have told you themselves how wonderful you were that is. Thanks again and again. Susy and Milan Popovic Stoney Creek, ON

Maria Bozyk

ENTRY NUMBER: 38 | 10/11/2006, 10:29 am

Good Day Grenville: I would like to thank you again for the memorable music that you performed at my parents 50th anniversary. My parents were not only surprised, they were extremely pleased with the entertainment that you provided. Your selection of music was perfect for the Italian culture and special event. I'm hearing quite a lot of compliments from the relatives/guests that were at the event. Each and everyone of them, no matter what the age group was, were all quite pleased with the music. Again my compliments to you, in the music provided and the professionalism that you demonstrated. If you happen to ever perform in the area and it's open to the public, please let me know, I would love to see you perform again. Sincerely, Maria Bozyk Hamilton, ON

Christina Carbone

ENTRY NUMBER: 37 | 10/11/2006, 10:28 am

Hello Grenville, I wanted to write this to let you know just how thankful Dave and i are to have had you part of our wedding day! You are incredibly talented and our party would not have been the same without you- we have been getting calls about you since the day we got back from our honeymoon! I hope you had just as wonderful a time as you helped us to. Sincerely, Christina
Hamilton, ON


ENTRY NUMBER: 36 | 10/11/2006, 10:27 am

I wanted to thank you for playing at our ceremony on August 6 2005 in Burlington. Everyone commented on your music. It was so beautiful. I think you were the added touch that made our day perfect. When I watch videos of the day your music adds such elegance. Thank you, You are very talented, Michelle

Melissa Linklater

ENTRY NUMBER: 35 | 10/11/2006, 10:27 am

It was such a great pleasure to hear you at the bridal show in Hamilton last weekend. As soon as you came out i got goose bumps and as soon as the girls were on the walk way in their gowns a cried in tears of happiness. I would be honoured if you could give me some information regarding fees set up and availability for Friday July 7, 2006 for our wedding. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time, Melissa Linklater PS You are truly gifted!!!

Catherine Miller

ENTRY NUMBER: 34 | 10/11/2006, 10:26 am

Many thanks to you Grenville for the moving and beautiful music you provided during our ceremony. The Prayer (during the Lighting of the Unity Candle) was the most special moment of the day for me, partly because you played so beautifully - thank you. During cocktail hour, your version of Volare 'warmed up' the Italians and the singing and dancing didn't seem to stop all night. Wish you could have seen the party that you started. Warm thanks once again for playing for us at Enoch Turner Schoolhouse last month. You were fantastic! People are talking about you all over Italy, London UK and Canada! Lots of love, Catherine and Franco (and families)

Lyndsay Riddell

ENTRY NUMBER: 33 | 10/11/2006, 10:25 am

Hey there Grenville! I know u must get so many e-mail's regarding how wonderful u are at playing the violin......Well here is another one! Ive sent you an email before around January I believe when I first saw you at the Winter bridal show. I heard you play canon in d and cried! You took my breath away. I just recently saw you at the Fall bridal show in Hamilton on Saturday and when u played the canon in d again during the bridal show i cried again. hahahaha Anyways to get to the point.....Im getting married. I have no set official date yet. But I know that I am not getting married unless you play and walk me down the aisle to canon in d. I wanna make sure I can get you in advance. Are you busy in the months of April or May of 2006? Let me know when I should book.....Obviosly when I have my wedding date confirmed!!! Anyways, I love your talent. Please get back to me at your convenience and I will definately keep in touch!

Bela Bazan

ENTRY NUMBER: 32 | 10/11/2006, 10:24 am

Hello!!! We have finally arrived from our honeymoon in aruba!!! We wanted to thank you so much for playing your lovely music at the ceremony! Mrs. Bazan!!!!!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 31 | 10/11/2006, 10:24 am

Hi Grenville, I heard you play at the Bridal Show in Toronto and was amazed! I'm planning a wedding for my daughter Jennifer & I would be interested in having you play to rock music at her reception. She lives out of the country but is getting married here (back home)and that's why I'm doing the research. Please provide me with your information. Hope to hear from you soon. A Fan, Rita

Rob & Callie Parsons

ENTRY NUMBER: 30 | 10/11/2006, 10:22 am

Grenville, It's been a while since you played at our wedding on 22 May out in London. But just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with your performance that day and through the dinner. You were given a round of applause during the speech after you left, and we received many compliments that evening and in the following weeks about you and your playing. You did a great job and made dinner more fun than we thought it could be! And well done improvising with that jig - that was a blast! All the best! Rob and Callie Parsons.

Sylvia Moore

ENTRY NUMBER: 29 | 10/11/2006, 10:19 am

What can we say! We received so many compliments on Saturday -- you're truly amazing! We wish that we could have been there to hear you instead of taking photos. Everyone seemed to enjoy listening and singing. Even the DJ asked where we found you, and asked for your contact info because he said that you played a nice variety of music. My cousin plays violin in the Woodstock Symphony and said that he couldn't hold a candle to you. We appreciate all your efforts -- it made for a wonderful day! Thanks again. Regards, Sylvia.

Len & Mark

ENTRY NUMBER: 28 | 10/11/2006, 10:19 am

Hi Grenville, On behalf of my wife Len, we would like to THANK YOU for making our wedding reception on June 18, 2005 a BIG SUCCESS!!! You were wonderful playing the violin during our reception dinner! Everyone loved you and we are very pleased and happy with your performance. We know you have another engagement scheduled that evening after us but you have kept your commitment with us and made us feel very special. Thank you Grenville and all the best to you and your music!!! Sincerely yours, Len & Mark JUNE 18, 2005

Mary Powers

ENTRY NUMBER: 27 | 10/11/2006, 10:18 am

Hello there Grenville. My name is Mary Powers and I am a counsellor over at Bayview Cemetery. (across the street from BayGardens funeral home) I was at the VIP open house on Thursday, not sure if you remember me, with all those people there, but I did give you a "thumbs up" on my way up the stairs as you were playing....which brings me to the reason for my email...You are absolutely amazing. I have never heard such beautiful sound. The feedback that I have heard from those who attended is unbelievable. I would love to come and hear you again if you are ever performing at another function...this time to really sit and enjoy it considering I was running around like a fool that night. Once again Kudos' to you for a breathtaking performance. Be well, Mary Powers

Rita Fiumara

ENTRY NUMBER: 26 | 10/11/2006, 10:17 am

July 27,2005 Hi Grenville, Just had to let you know that the surprise performance for my niece's wedding on July 23,2005 was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. You added that touch that mesmerised our guests. You touched their hearts and had them in tears of joy and had lots of fun...The opening 'The prayer', the Bride & Groom's first dance was breathtaking. THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!! RITA.....

joan mcvean

ENTRY NUMBER: 25 | 10/11/2006, 10:16 am

mr. pinto: I was at the bay store this p.m. & I really enjoyed your music. I may not be expressing myself well but I found your music so hauntingly beautiful that when I first heard you I started to cry. I hope some day that I will be granted the gift to hear & see you again. - Joan

Janice and Barrie Wilson

ENTRY NUMBER: 24 | 10/11/2006, 10:15 am

Dear Grenville: We would like to thank you very much. The day was absolutely beautiful, you topped it off by adding the beautiful music at the reception. Our guest are still talking about you .They all say you are awsome. You are truly blessed with your talent We couldn't be more pleased with your performance. Our children were thrilled to have you at their wedding, I know they will rememeber this special day and I say thanks to you. I truly enjoy the CD Versatility, I listen to it often. Thanks so much. You are the best!!!! Barrie and Janice
Port Colbourne, ON

Rob & Christina Hird

ENTRY NUMBER: 23 | 10/11/2006, 10:14 am

Dear Grenville, Rob & I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing at our wedding. The day was absolutely beautiful and you topped it off by adding beautiful music to the ceremony! We are both really sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet with you or even take a picture with after the ceremony but it was just a little crazy and Rob & I were still pretty shocked at the fact that we had just gotten married!!!! All of our family and friends that stuck around after the ceremony told us how much they enjoyed your music. Everyone had such an awesome time they couldn't stop raving about you!! Thank you so much for taking extra time out of your day to entertain our crazy family!!!! (I just wish we could have stuck around to enjoy the music also!) I am so glad that I found you and that you were able to play at our wedding. You definitely made our day even more special than it was! Thank you, Rob & Christina

Lindsay and Collin Barrow

ENTRY NUMBER: 22 | 10/11/2006, 10:13 am

Dear Grenville, Thanks you so much for playing so beautifully at our wedding. We received so many compliments about you. You were wonderful! It added such a unique and special touch to our day! Thank You Again!!! Lindsay and Collin Barrow

Mina and Mike Ermacora

ENTRY NUMBER: 21 | 10/11/2006, 10:13 am

Hey Gren, Mike and I wanted to let you know what an amazing job you did! Everyone has told us how impressed they were with you and what a great personality you have!!! (Like I didn't know!!) You are extremely talented!!! Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful performance-the wedding got rave reviews because of you! We appreciate you taking the time out of your meal to play such lovely music for us!! Again, not to make your head swell, but everyone wanted to know who you were and mentioned how much they enjoyed your musical entertainment!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mina and Mike

Mr & Mrs Franca Galati & Antonio Panetta

ENTRY NUMBER: 20 | 10/11/2006, 10:12 am

Grenville, There aren't enough words to describe the magic you create with your violin!! You are so gifted it's incredible. Thank you so much for honouring us with your music at our wedding! You made the party! I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this little beautiful you play is truly a gift from God! Playing for our mother's was heaven! May we have many, many years of your presence!!! We can't wait to have you play for us again and again! All our guests are still talking about how wonderful you are!!!! It was truly an amazing evening!!! Thank you so much! Thank YOU! Franca and Tony's Wedding Sept. 25, 2004 WOW!!!!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 19 | 10/11/2006, 10:10 am

🙂 You were amazing last night at the Walrus in Hamilton. A truly gifted musician.

Danielle Franz

ENTRY NUMBER: 18 | 10/11/2006, 10:09 am

Grenville is a "show stopper"! There's a lot of talent behind that pretty boy face! His music moves the spirit - no question! 😉

Shirley Rohn-Saito

ENTRY NUMBER: 17 | 10/11/2006, 10:09 am

Hi, I love your website.... It looks great! write again when you can.... Shirley 🙂
Los Angeles, CA

Alex Papanou

ENTRY NUMBER: 16 | 10/11/2006, 10:08 am

I have been fortunate to hear you perform on several occasions and I must say that your musical talent is exceptional. Your diverse talent always results in a great musical performance and elevates any occasion to the next level. Keep it up! By the way, your new web site looks great!

Christine DeSouza

ENTRY NUMBER: 15 | 10/11/2006, 10:06 am

Hi Grenville!!! Your website is INCREDIBLE!!! I like all the baby pictures! I still remember when we were all kids and Christabel, Annette and you would be playing your music at every gathering your parents had!!! I listened to your audio and video clips - they are AMAZING!! I wish you the BEST OF LUCK as a violin performer - I hope you get tons of opportunities to play! Keep in touch!! Your friend, Christine** 🙂

Susan Chan

ENTRY NUMBER: 14 | 10/11/2006, 10:05 am

Grenville, thank you for sharing your talent with me. I had no idea!! You play beautifully and I am proud to say that I know you. Best of luck!! 😉

Bruno Bombardieri

ENTRY NUMBER: 13 | 10/11/2006, 10:04 am

😎 Hey buddy great job on the website. You are a great professional and a great artist. I see wonderful things for you in the future. Take care and God Bless.
Hamilton, ON

Sabrina Palumbo

ENTRY NUMBER: 12 | 10/11/2006, 10:02 am

Grenville, you made Wedding Day a magical one. What an honour for us to have you be such an important part of our lives - your music reaches the very bottom of my soul every single time! We will always cherish our first dance as husband and wife as you played your violine for us beautifully - a dream come true!

Allan Marston

ENTRY NUMBER: 11 | 10/11/2006, 10:01 am

Excellent website Grenville. You are a phenomenal musician with great presence and I would love to see you play out here. The hills would come alive 🙂
Calgary, Alberta


ENTRY NUMBER: 10 | 09/11/2006, 10:23 pm

Grenville you are a true master. Frances and I thank you for your professionalism and all your help in making our wedding day a very memorable one for all. Thanks again!!

Michael Chimienti

ENTRY NUMBER: 9 | 09/11/2006, 10:22 pm

Grenville's music really struck a chord with me, no pun intended. His style, personality and talent make him the ultimate showman. I think it would be impossible for anyone to leave one of his performances dissatisfied. 🙂

Meighan Sangha

ENTRY NUMBER: 8 | 09/11/2006, 10:21 pm

All your hard work and effort will definitely reward you with dividends Grenville. Keep it up hon! I will keep you in mind, if an opportunity arises in my business where I need a "great looking" violin player with an amazing portfolio and phenominal talent!


ENTRY NUMBER: 7 | 09/11/2006, 10:20 pm

having experienced the fine sounds of Grenville's music at a new year's gala as well as a personalized birthday serenade to me, I can attest he's the MAN who knows his instuments and music. Keep on playing and let the music live on!


ENTRY NUMBER: 6 | 09/11/2006, 10:19 pm

Hey Gren!! Great site!! I want to let everyone know about your services as I used them. In two words---SUPERB and UNBELIEVABLE!!! Trust me you will NOT be disappointed at the professionalism and quality that Gren provides. Thanks Gren for making my day memorable and for letting everyone fall in love with your music. You have a magnificent gift! You truly are my best!!


ENTRY NUMBER: 5 | 08/11/2006, 10:41 am


Words couldn't express how Thankful we are to both you and Andrea for making our wedding day a memorable one. You guys did an amazing job, our priest was also amazed. My parents were getting calls from our guests, saying what a wonderful ceremony it was and they've never seen anything like that. I would recommend you to everyone, you have made our wedding into perfection and we can't thank you enough.

Josie & Dave

Greg & Pam

ENTRY NUMBER: 4 | 12/10/2006, 8:34 am

Hello Grenville

Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific performance on Sept 2. You were a real hit!!

Greg & Pam
Oakville, ON

Adrienne & Dwayne

ENTRY NUMBER: 3 | 12/10/2006, 8:31 am

Dear Grenville,
Just another note to express how wonderful you were! EVERYONE LOVED YOU...some even wanted to take you home!
...Thunderstruck on a violin??? - seriously, you rock! Thank you for getting the evening going. We shall see you again soon!

Adrienne & Dwayne
Hamilton, ON


ENTRY NUMBER: 2 | 12/10/2006, 8:30 am

Hi Grenville,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance at my daughter Valerie's wedding. All my guests remarked on how great you were and how much they enjoyed your performance. Thanks again for making this a truly fun evening.

Toronto, ON

Sabrina & George

ENTRY NUMBER: 1 | 12/10/2006, 8:24 am


My fiancee and I saw you at a wedding and we knew immediately that we had to have you at ours as well.

I have never heard anyone play the violin the way you do. Your blew our
minds. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sabrina & George
Toronto, ON

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