Ula & Marcin

Review Description:

Dear Grenville,
You were absolutely amazing, like I knew you were. I had some guests who have seen you before and some who have not. But everyone was complimenting your performance.

You were absolutely stunning! You are amazing, we can\’t get enough. I managed not to cry all day! Even when I was saying my wedding vows, yes that\’s right I was dry and kept it together, deep breath, deep breath.
But when you played Hallelujah, I couldn\’t hold back the tears, even my fiancé said that this is the first time on that day he has seen my cry! When you play your violin it sings the most beautiful songs.
You are truly skilled in playing the violin, but what makes you unique is the way you invoke the emotion to come through when you play. And that is not something that comes from learning it in school, it comes from the heart.
You made our wedding day so special!
Thank you and I hope one day to have you at play at another event.
Ula and Marcin